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101 Death the Kid vs Train Heartnet

Death the Kid is a shinigami and very hard to kill, but Train's smarter. I think Train would win. :P

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102 Maka Albarn vs Orochimaru

It's maka albarn I mean come on I really don't like orochimaru so to get to see maka just totally kick his butt would just be AWESOME

Orochimaru would make maka shiver with fear

Maka would use the (genie)demon hunter to kill him one touch and he's dead

103 Roronoa Zoro vs Mihawk

I just can't wait to see Mihawk beaten by Zoro!

The battle between the two would be EPIC

104 Killua vs Natsu

Please yes best two characters to pin up against eachother, I can't choose whon to vote for though

105 Kaguya vs Goku

Kaguya would kill Goku in a one hit

Kaguya can easily beat Goku in a fight

Kaguya would kill Goku in a one hit

Goku ss1 and it is over, Kaguya was barely a match for team 7

106 Hibari Kyoya vs. Levi

The strongest of the strong of the vongola guardians and one of the strongest and fastest titan slayer... I'd LOVE to see that.

107 Erza Scarlet vs. Tsunade

I don't know how well Erza's armor could counter Tsunade's brute strength, but she does have second origin. So... Who knows?

Tsunade can easily beat erza in a fight

Erza could wear her wedding dress and destroy tsunades ass

Erza would easily beat Tsunade. Erza took an Magic blast with the power of everyone in Fairy tail and the Island of Tenrou. Erza shots
she cut half of a city in half while not in her most powerful mode. Tsunade may have brute strenght but Erza meteor busts her with one arm, half dead and no senses. Erza stomps all the way.

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108 Acnologia vs Nine Tail Fox

Kurama would obliterate anything with his tailed beast bomb

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109 Sasuke and Sakura vs Ichigo and Rukia

Sasuke and Sakura would humiliate them

Ichigo and rukia win hands down

Sasuke and sakura would literally kill them

Ichigo and rukia wins this... Have you seen rukia's bankai! that's enough to obliterated Sakura and ichigo would take on sasuke - Saint_D

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110 Accelerator vs Goku

Accelerator would win since he would reflect everything Goku throws/shoots, or whatever at him

111 Sasuke vs Hiei
112 Jellal Fernandes vs Monkey D. Luffy

Jellal got this...Sema is too op and there's literally no dodging it.

113 Alucard (Fully Unsealed) vs Goku
114 Arturia Pendragon vs Ryuko Matoi

Ryuko of course she obliterates with senketsu and his other forms

115 Natsu vs Tsuna V 1 Comment
116 Deidara vs Jackal

Both use explosives, so it's kinda hard to tell. Maybe Deidara, but I don't know if Jackal's curse is limited.

117 Liz and Patty Thompson vs Panty and Stocking Anarchy V 3 Comments
118 Scourge vs Mapleshade V 3 Comments
119 Scourge the Hedghog vs Scourge the Warrior Cat V 2 Comments
120 Seryu vs Vaylin V 1 Comment
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