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141 Soul Eater Evans vs Death the Kid

I thought that was already decided?...

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142 Zeref vs Orochimaru

Idiot immortal vs Pedophile immortal...

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143 Kirby vs Pikachu

What? Is this serious? - KrazyKangaroo

Kirby. :P

144 Johan Liebert vs Light Yagami

Unlike Light,John doesn't need a supernatural thing like death note. He would win with empty hands!

145 YuGi vs Kirito
146 Sasuke and Sakura vs Naruto and Hinata V 1 Comment
147 Erza Scarlet vs Death the Kid

Battle of the weapons. Erza's armor vs Death and his multiple gun types. All I hear is awesome. Even though Erza would win would totally be cool

Erza destroys and humiliates death

Oh Ezra would totally kick kids butt! Once she found out about his weakness and OCD she would totally send him flying.. feel bad for kid haha

148 Naruto vs Kirito

Naruto has this match no question

I love Kirito more, but we all know Naruto would beat Kirito.

I like Kirito more but he would lose

Naruto wins... I don't see kirito blocking a rasen shruiken - Saint_D

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149 Erza Scarlet vs Saber

erza wins

150 Konan vs Mirajane Strauss
151 Whis vs Goku and Vegeta

Goku and vegeta if your gonna put obvious questions then just leave them out

It did apperance in Dragon ball super except she trained with those 2

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152 Meliodas vs. Ulquiorra Cifer
153 Akatsuki vs Espada

Akatsuki for the win, Espada's are good, but guys like Deidara would decimate them.

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154 Caesar Clown vs Frieza vs Mayuri Kurotsuchi
155 Piccolo vs Kakashi V 1 Comment
156 Alucard (Hellsing) vs Zeref (Fairy Tail)

I really don't know who would win I've seen Alucard fight and almost destroy an entire city, however, it's is also said that Zeref has done the same?

157 Alucard vs Goku
158 Zabuza Momochi vs Gatsu
159 Monkey D. Luffy vs Goku
160 Hollow Ichigo vs Yami Naruto
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