Top 10 Dream Sports Matchups


The Top Ten

1 Mike Tyson vs. Muhammad Ali

The ultimate fight in boxing. - BUETBU91

Ali would win by a mile.
If he weren't dead. - CloudInvasion

2 1995 Nebraska vs. 2001 Miami (Football)

Who really was the best team ever in college football history? - BUETBU91

3 1990's Chicago Bulls vs. 1990's Houston Rockets

Would the Bulls win eight straight or would Houston put an end to the rumors of an eight-peat by confirming their back-to-back titles - BUETBU91

4 2009 LeBron vs. Kobe

The NBA Finals matchup we were denied by the Orlando Magic. - BUETBU91

5 2017 Alabama vs. UCF (Football)

Two national champions. Undefeated UCF. Come on, get the teams to play each other. - BUETBU91

6 1997 Michigan vs. Nebraska (Football)

Two national champions in 1997. Who was better? The team of the 90's (Nebraska) or Michigan? - BUETBU91

7 2003 Boston Red Sox vs. Chicago Cubs

This World Series matchup was close to happening before the Marlins and Yankees advanced to face each other. - BUETBU91

8 2014 Duke vs. Kentucky (Men's Basketball)

Undefeated Kentucky seemed destined to meet Duke in the finals before losing to Wisconsin. Could Coach K guide the Blue Devils to a major upset? - BUETBU91

9 1993 Montreal Canadiens vs. Toronto Maple Leafs

This could have happened had the referee not missed calling a penalty in overtime of Game 6. Gretzky high-sticked Doug Gilmour and drew blood, which should have earned him a five-minute major and a game misconduct. Instead, he stayed in the game and immediately scored the winning goal to force Game 7, which the Kings won. - PetSounds

I meant from a sports team perspective. An All-Canadian Stanley Cup Final between two teams from Canada. - BUETBU91

Definitely. Two of the original six, you don't get any better than that, though Buffalo Sabres fans might disagree.

Canada's best chance at an all-Canadian Stanley Cup Final before Wayne Gretzky and the LA Kings had other ideas. - BUETBU91

Gretzky (along with probably over half of that 1993 Kings team) is Canadian. Canada wins at hockey no matter which teams advance. - PetSounds

10 2013 Baylor vs. UCONN (Women's Basketball)

Missed out on perhaps the biggest NCAA Women's Basketball Championship Game in years. - BUETBU91

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11 2008-2009 Manchester United vs. 2010-2011 FC Barcelona (Association Football)
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