Top Ten Dream Theater Albums With the Best Guitar

The Top Ten Dream Theater Albums With the Best Guitar

1 Train of Thought

Jesus Christ, those riffs - NightmareCinema

John really shows how to make a great Heavy album

2 A Dramatic Turn of Events

Breaking All Illusions is Petrucci's best solo, no doubt. - IronSabbathPriest

JP really lived up to his full potential in this album. Great album, I hope they make more like this! - Songsta41

3 Images and Words

Undeniably sick guitar here too - Songsta41

4 Systematic Chaos
5 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence
6 Black Clouds and Silver Linings

My favorite DT album behind SFAM, but it's an overall great album, the other albums beat this one guitar-wise just a touch. - Songsta41

7 Metropolis Part 2: Scenes from a Memory

The solos combined with the ballads and the amazing riffs (Especially in Home and Beyond this life) really hit home in the terms of amazing guitar playing. Now I might be a little biased since Beyond this Life was the first song I ever heard of Dream Theater's, but to this day this remains my favorite album in all aspects, especially the drumming in Finally Free.

Same thing as BCASL - Songsta41

8 Dream Theater
9 Octavarium
10 Falling Into Infinity

The Contenders

11 Distance Over Time
12 Awake
13 When Dream and Day Unite
14 The Astonishing
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