Best Dream Theater Songs Longer Than 10 Minutes

What is your favourite Dream Theater song with a duration of longer than 10 minutes?

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1 Octavarium

Wow this list was almost perfect, apart from honor thy father and bridges in the sky. Good songs but if it were my way they would be replaced with In The Name of God and Learning To Live. That being said Octavarium wins for me as out of all the epics this is the one that makes me feel the most emotion.

Amazing, not to mention it's my favorite song of all time

2 A Change of Seasons

Almost every song is great but A Cgange of Seasons is perfect for me - tomislav95

This song has everything, amazing vocals and no weak sections

So much to give every listen.

ACOS is the most perfect song of the world. Really. If you don't believe me: Listen to it then

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3 The Count of Tuscany

This ones is right up there With Octavarium for me - Beatlesboy9



My top 5 dt songs over 10 min.

5 in the name of god
4 endless sacrifice
3 sacrificed sons
2 the ministry of lost souls
1 the count of tuscany

4 Six Degrees of Inner Turbulence

the definition of variety! this song is like a whole album packed into one song. awesome.

This Song Explores six ideas of Mental Disability. It was written as one song, but it was so long that it had to be released as it's 8 parts. The song is about 42 minutes and is definitely worth listening to.

This isn't a song. It's a concept album of 8 songs. Stop voting for this.

5 The Glass Prison

Such an awesome song! guitar is amazing and so is the story! - dragon13304

6 Honor Thy Father

Don't cross the crooked step...

I love this song, best song in train of thought and best 10 minute+ dream theater song after octavarium - fidelcanojr

10 minutes of epic heavy metal dream theater! Love it... considering this is #9 on my top 100 dt songs list - dice

7 The Best of Times

Just got to vote for this one.

This song is ausome best solos
Sad song a little bit
IN LOVING MEMORY OF HOWARD PORTNOY 1940-2009 because and sl is a cool album

8 Home

The highlight of the best Dream Theater album of them all.

9 This Dying Soul
10 Illumination Theory

For me, this is the best representation of the band in a single song. It's long, epic, exciting and is a perfect harmony of heavy metal and symphony orchestra. The song barely stays in the one place for more than a minute or two, and the way it smoothly transitions between seemingly unrelated themes and instrumentations is ingenious.

19 minutes of epic- and progressiveness, and the remaining 3 are just plain beauty. Mike Mangini does a great job and the string section is so touching. This is just the best song ever made!

This is better than that overrated Octavarium. It's not as good as a Change of Seasons though.

Better than octavarium for me

The Contenders

11 Bridges in the Sky


12 Beyond This Life

The story in this song is so unique and wonderful. It has to stand higher!

13 Finally Free
14 Breaking All Illusions
15 Learning to Live
16 A Nightmare to Remember
17 In the Name of God

Not in the top 3 yet?


18 The Shattered Fortress
19 In the Presence of Enemies, Pt. 2
20 Stream of Consciousness
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1. Octavarium
2. A Change of Seasons
3. The Count of Tuscany
1. The Glass Prison
2. Octavarium
3. A Change of Seasons
1. Octavarium
2. Honor Thy Father
3. The Count of Tuscany

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