Top Ten Dream Theater Songs With Mike Mangini As Drummer


The Top Ten

1 Breaking All Illusions

Basically Learning To Live 2.0.

2 Illumination Theory

They are both great discs but in truth it is really hard to know which is better than the other. Mangini has been with multiple artists and he stands out almost like Portnoy, Then Rudess who has also done a ton of music solo, liquid tension and more, Now the man himself Petrucci the only guitar player to be invited on the G3 tour 9 times more than any other guitarists. Labrie's voice is amazing no matter what he doesyou should hear his solo disc and you would add it to the which is better. As far as I am concerned the music never really changed when Portnoy left except a tiny little bit but not enough tpo be able to do a top ten list from the discs that only feature Mangini

Proffesional Theory, most laid back and some of the best ever songs you will ever hear. Will hold strong for ever,
Clean and uncluttered not to mention simply perfection.


3 Outcry
4 The Bigger Picture
5 Lost Not Forgotten
6 A New Beginning
7 Surrender to Reason
8 On the Backs of Angels
9 The Enemy Inside

This song s simply the best

10 The Looking Glass

The Contenders

11 Enigma Machine

Had I made this list later, this epic instrumental would be much higher. - IronSabbathPriest

Mangini kicked ass in this song like portnoy would

12 Moment of Betrayal
13 Ravenskill

This song is, in my opinion, the best song from The Astonishing. The piano melody given by Jordan Rudess is one of his best. It gives an eerie and mysterious vibe, before exploding into an intense rock song. - IronSabbathPriest

14 Bridges In the Sky
15 Build Me Up, Break Me Down
16 Astonishing
17 Hymn of a Thousand Voices
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