Dream Theater Songs With The Best Screams


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1 Learning to Live

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It’s the legendary LaBrie F#. Enough said. - NightmareCinema

Nah, this is garbage, all of Dream Theater’s songs are bad. The screaming sounds like a cow being raped. Listen to some real good music like 6ix9ine and Lil Pump. - Ginger

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2 Octavarium

I haven't hErD it yEt

The scream from Intervals is pure magic. LaBrie is a god. - NightmareCinema

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3 In the Name of God

Justifying violence
Citing from the holy book
Teaching hatred in the name of god
Try and tell me that part isn’t amazing. Go ahead. - NightmareCinema

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4 Scarred

Oh, my god. This is LaBrie at his harshest, behind In The Name Of God. - NightmareCinema

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5 The Glass Prison

The screams in this song are sorta distorted, but awesome. - NightmareCinema

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6 Build Me Up, Break Me Down

Uh...self explanatory. - NightmareCinema

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7 Schmedley Wilcox

There’s an added scream in the “Octavarium” portion and it’s amazing. - NightmareCinema

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8 The Dance Of Eternity UListen to Sample
9 Pull Me Under

At the “Watch the sparrow falling, gives new meaning to it all” part. For James’ first vocal performance with DT, this kicks ass. - NightmareCinema

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10 Honor Thy Father

The only good song on the list

NOTHING IN TOW - NightmareCinema

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