Top Dream WWE Promos

Which dream match would have the best build up and promo?

The Top Ten

1 CM Punk vs Stone Cold Steve Austin

This match would have a lot of trash talking

The Promo to this match would have been awesome the stright edge, trash talking, and servival attiude vs the Shut your
Mouth prove what your worth, boss hating, stone hearted Steve Austin. This match would rock the world just becasue
Of CM Punk's disrespect to his rivals pushing their anger and sanity to the edge and that alone wpuld make this promo great.

2 Undertaker vs Goldberg at Wrestlemania

This match would have the best build up but the reason its not number 1 or 2 would be because of the of a storyline
And chimestry like the other two. But the match would be better than the promo.

3 Andre the Giant vs the Big Show

The reason this is number two is because bigshow personality would be jealous of the Giant and would try to put
Him down for any reason he can think of and the promo would most likley be the villian because of his lack of size
Compared to Andre and andre would have the spotlight of a hero just like hulk hogan at wrestlemaina three.

4 Bret Hart vs Randy Orton

The Chemistry would be great with their differant personailitys and anger issues who would be the real bad guy.

5 Undertaker vs Hulk Hogan 80s at Wrestlemania

This promo would be great the Hulk in his prime vs the undefected streak would the inpossible be done like andre the

6 The Shield vs the Wyatt Family vs The NWO

This three way stable battle would have a huge build up because all the teams strive for the same goal domination
And supremacy over the WWE and these three teams would
Step all over one another, interferer in one another's matchs and will go all out to be the dominate force in the WWE.

7 The Rock vs Batista

Man they neally look the same

8 CM Punk vs Aj Styles
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