Top Ten Dreams Everyone Has Had

I've had some freaky dreams. But these are the dreams EVERYONE ELSE (including me) have.

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Wake Up Inside of a Dream

I hate these. One time I thought I was awake but I was able to figure out I was asleep because I could see myself from a third person perspective. Like, I wasn't looking with my eyes from my own perspective. But like I was standing at the door, looking at myself or watching myself on television.

What if you woke up in a dream that was inside of another dream that was inside of your dream

I hate these dreams so much. Why my brain ever conceived such an abomination, I don't know.

I woke up for school in one of my dreams, and I was almost out the door to the bus...

Naked at School

I had a dream where everyone was naked and everyone smoked birck bark. In that same dream, the entire workd was on a beack going to a great big lake with a few birch trees in the middle. I sailed out with a few people and found an island with the rest of civilization. My nude self woke up my real self. Believe it or not, that's the part where I actually woke up! And for some reason, everyone had censor bars over their genitals...

Dreamed I was a MALE in the nude in Ancient Greece where there were holes that transported. They acted like mario holes but no green pipes. Just plain dirt holes. It was weird.

One was where everyone was looking at me, and I was horribly embarrassed, bout on the second one, I didn't really care, I just ran around the school naked.

This hasn't happened to me...because I'm homeschooled! I can imagine this being pretty embarrassing, though.


I had two dreams where I die. 1. My brother and I fall off an inflatable slide in a mall and die. 2. I'm sitting in a car doing nothing and my dad pushes it off a floating boulder and kills me since he hates me.

Once I dreamt that I jumped off a cliff and committed suicide due to depression cause my relatives hated me and called me useless.

My relatives loves me, and that dream was VERY disturbing.

I've had this dream far too many times. But I never seem to see myself die. I always wake up right before then.

I keep having dreams about being dragged from my bed.


This dream is a little but a true recent dream...
I was at school biengg chased by zombies and I ran to the the play ground were we would have recess and a huge flying butterfly camel mix flew up to me. The butterfly camel had 3 other camels on its back so of course I decided to jump on its back.
The butterfly camel brought me up to two levitating house with two woman. They were camel collectors. I got in the first house but ther was a huge gap in between them the 2nd house had 3 kids in it but to get to the other side I had to walk across a thinn long slab of wood so I did. I made it about half way. And then I FELL.
Turns out I was falling of my bed when I fell in my dream I wonder how my dream would have ended.

Once when I was very young, I dreamt that I was at this beach and for some reason my grandma had a pet husky. Anyway, I was riding my bike along this rocky footpath and ahead of me was what I thought was a small bump but turns out it was a cliff. I awoke before I hit the ground.

Ah yes, a recurring dream up until I was seven years old. I was falling in my dream, but when I woke up, I was hanging upside down from my bed

It's so hard to describe how I feel when I dream about this. It's like I really feel like I'm actually falling.

Being Chased

Wow, I had the scariest dream last night. I was trick-or-treating on Halloween (or at a Halloween party, I don't know), and suddenly, I see someone with creepy, pure-white eyes. The next thing I know, there's another, and another. Then there's Herobrine in the crowd for some reason, too. They're all groaning in freaky, raspy voices, and walking slowly, like zombies. I run out of the house, and see my 4th grade teacher. I tell her about what I saw, and she doesn't believe me. She looks into the window of the house briefly, and says there's nothing there. As soon as she turns around, I see them all inside the house again, moaning, and beginning to lumber to the front door. Mind you, the house was empty now for some reason, but this is a dream, which makes no sense, and it seemed to make sense at the time. Anyway, I felt helpless and afraid as the creatures advanced to the exit, to escape. I was no longer safe; and neither was anyone else. I soon flashed between reality and the realm of ...more

I had dreams where I was being chased by dogs on my block and a zombie at an abandoned mall.

I have also had dreams where I had a Shiba Inu and I went to a party at my cousins' house with my Shiba, and they have a husky that was extremely aggressive and constantly chased me and my Shiba around the house.

Luckily I've only had this dream once or twice. (Actually, scientists have shown that you have at least 7 dreams a night but don't remember them when you wake up. I don't know why. I just remember hearing about that part. I don't remember what it said about why.)

I had a dream where I was chased down a kid in school who I don't like, but I didn't run fast enough (it literally looked like an animated cartoon in third person.)

Alone In the House

This is, by far, one of the creepiest dreams I have. It's like

I've been alone in the house in real life...

Can't Run

I was actually able to figure out the trick and work around the system. You see, your body paralyzes you once your asleep so you don't act out your actions in you dreams in real life. That's why you can't run in your dream. Don't try to run. Just imagine yourself running. It's worked for me before. But it's been a long time, I must admit. Also, you know those stories people say about waking up in the middle of the night and not being able to move, sensing a presence among them? The paralyzation part is true but not the presence part. So happens, when your asleep, the part of your brain that can tell the difference between reality and fiction is cut off. That's why, in your dreams, you can't tell when somethings off. Like if your mother's head was a deer or your dog had dragon wings. And that's why when there paralyzed they see these things around there rooms.

I had a dream one time where my mom was the first victim of some killer who wore their victim's skins. My friend was the next victim, then my sister. then I was next. I was bound to shackles and stripped. The killer was preparing to cut me open, but the killer suddenly fell into a coma and I escaped.

I even had a dream where I can't even MOVE

I can barely run in real life

Someone Close Dies

Am I the only one who's had this dream? I've had dreams about my mom after she died and she visited me from beyond the grave. It's really weird and I feel like there might be a connection. Back, maybe a year ago, my mother was telling me a story about a dream she had a while ago. (My mother had a gift with story telling.) She told me in her dream she was sitting with a mother, who had pasted away a while ago in real life, in a car she used to have when she was still a child and her father would drive her to school in. (My mother was 56 when she died. So this isn't a mini van or anything. This is a more old car.) She's the same age in the dream though as she was in real life. She was sitting in the car, parked, and she looked over to her mother and asked

I'd recently had a dream where the kid who I consider my best friend died. You won't believe how relieved when I woke up.

Yah I've had this dream and once woke up in tears

I had a dream where one of my dogs dies. It's true.

Killing Someone

I had this dream. I became a brutal warlord, and with an army, I conquer the U.S. Then I proceed to conquer all of Europe's major countries. Then I have a rivalry with an Optimus Prime guy, where I meet my end when my second in command vetrayed me like Starscream and I was killed by an enemy after almost killing the Optimus prime guy. My reign lasted for 20 years. Eventually, I am resurrected for redemption, and I stop the anti-Christ. NBut this wasn't a dream actually. It was a prophecy.

I had a dream that my relatives were annoying me so much and that they all were so furious at me and giving me those cruel Asian punishments that I shot them all with a gun. Of course, while they can be annoying sometimes, I love them all very much and I would NEVER attempt to kill them in any way whatsoever.

I had a dream I was cornered by a bully, so I leaped up at him with a loud bark, and sank my fangs into his arm. I then ran off as his cronies chased me down the hall. I didn't kill him, but he was stunned. It was weird; it was like it was from an animal's perspective.

I think I remember having a dream where I was shooting the robots from the It's a Small World ride with bows and arrows. lol
I must have some inner hatred towards them that I'm not aware of. lol

Being Lost

These dreams are frustrating to me and more than anything creepy. (But, in a way, all dreams are creepy, if not disturbing.)

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Meeting Favorite Celebrities

This is pretty close to a dream I've been having. I've been having gravity falls dreams! It's not like big interactions with Dipper and Mabel or anything. It's more like quick snips of, like, them as teenagers or fanfiction inspiration. One time I had a dream in place of "Not what he seems." The portal was opened and Dipper was about to get sucked in but he pulled out his journal and started reciting some kind of spell or whatever. I don't know if the spell held him in place until the portal was closed or if it made some kind of force field over the portal entrance so he couldn't pass through. The sad thing about the dream was that I was dreaming of watching the commercial. I was so disappointed when I found out it was a dream. 'Cause I was pumped for that episode to come out. You know what I mean? When you have a dream the night before and then you wake up with morning amnesia, thinking the dream was real? But it was so realistic. I was just sitting on the floor looking at the ...more

I had a dream once where BLACKPINK (south korean girl group) were having a concert at my school, and after the concert I got to meet them and Lisa even asked me for directions to the faculty rooms! I even thought it was real but turns out it was just a dream ;(

Lol, I had a dream a few months ago that I was walking down a staircase in an apartment building or something, and Taylor Swift was just sitting there reading a book. She isn’t one of my favorite celebrities, but I just wanted to share my dream

When I see a favorite show/movie, and I mean a funny show/movie with a character, I feel the need to meet him/her, others seem to feel that way too, it's true.

Having Sex With a Pretty Girl

BLOODY HELL. I'm a girl and I HATE these types of people. Get out of your mom's basement, you 40 year old brony.

Every one has own dream, nobody can stop.


I had a dream that I was piloting an airplane and I had no idea how to operate it

I had a dream where I had a pet Jersey Devil and I rode it everywhere.

Floating in an Abstract World of Flashing Colours

You must be high on LSD in those kind of dreams...

Aw, yeah! My favorite dream! PARTY! WOOHOO!

People You Hate

I had a nightmare about my 8th grade English teacher feeding me raw food once...

I had dreams that involved my high school special ed teacher. I hated her.

Flying Only Three Feet Off the Ground

Had a dream of my whole grade at a party. I flew off to get pizza and I had telekinesis and I was popular. Nice dream.

I never fly in my dreams. :(


I had a dream that my relatives were all calling me bad and useless in Cantonese and that they want me to neglect me forever and it made me so depressed that I went to a cliff to think about jumping off of it. I think I jumped off of the cliff in the dream?

Unable to Move
Getting Lost with Family and You Know the Way Home, but Nobody Believes You
Under Water

Not underwater but close. I had a dream where my family and I were at Six Flags New England (I'm from Philly so Great Adventure is the closest Six Flags park to home). In my dream, SFNE was privately owned by a mental health care facility/asylum, but the public can visit. Anyway, my family and I were in a huge stadium/arena where there was a water show where random people (including patients) were randomly picked to jump into a huge pool of water from a really tall diving board. My dad was one of the performers who jumped. I wanted to jump as well but my mom said no because "all the sick people have germs and it spreads in the water". After my dad jumped, all the water splashed into the audience, soaking us and the camera lens (my point of view in the dream) made the illusion of me being underwater.

I had a dream one time where I woke up trapped under water. I couldn't get back up to the air unless I grabbed a hammer from underwater and got back up. When I got the hammer and smashed the lake open, I got sucked out to space along with all the aquatic life and the water in the lake.

People have these dream because they are drinking to much water before bedtime.

I don't know. I feel like there's more to it than that. I mean, I don't have dreams about the dinner I had last night but I still tend to over eat.

I don't dream much so I never had this dream. Plus I usually forget my dreams

Beat Up by a Girl

That's actually happened to me before in real life...

This is not a dream, it's reality!

Taking Over Microsoft and Burger King

We've all been there.

Marrying a Lion
Not at Home

My dreams included the dentist, Vegas, and Disney's California Adventure.

I had a dream that we had a choir concert at my dojang (taekwondo school) once


I had a dream where I choked a kid by the necktie because my high school teacher threatened to pull my ears really hard during a formal dinner event

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