Top Ten Dreamworks Animated Movies With No Sequels Released or Announced (As of 2019)

As How To Train Your Dragon: The Hidden World is soon released in theaters, I've thinking of making some Dreamworks related lists. This time I'll look at dreamworks animated movies that do not have any sequels so far as of 2019. If a movie has an announced sequel I won't include them either. So Chicken Run, The Boss Baby, Trolls and The Croods are not allowed onto the list. So here's the list!

The Top Ten

1 Wallace and Gromit: The Curse of the Were-Rabbit

In my opinion, this movie deserves the top spot. I've always been a fan of the Wallace and Gromit series by Aardman. They are fun, beautiful and impressive. All of the movies are short films, except for this one, which is a long film, and actually released by Dreamworks. Now you might say that this technically is a sequel, as it's the fourth installment in the Wallace & Gromit series, but this is the only one by Dreamworks, and it works as a stand-alone movie as well. I'm huge fan of this movie and it might be my favourite Wallace & Gromit movie as well. I loved the story, characters and charm this movie has. It was the first one I ever saw as well and it bears tons of nostalgia. It's my favourite one - darthvadern

I like The Wrong Trousers.

This movie was great. - RadioHead03

2 Flushed Away

This movie was my childhood. - RadioHead03

Another actually Aardman animated movie but at the same time made by Dreamworks, this is the first Aardman movie that uses CGI animation while still having the characters look like classic Aardman characters, and despite being a movie set in the sewer, there were barely any potty humour, which is a great relief - darthvadern

3 Bee Movie

This movie is probably gonna get rebooted just like Shrek, because of all the memes. - RadioHead03

I used to love this movie back in the day. Now I've gotten bored of it a bit, but I still really like it. Very colourful and good story and message, and I loved the beehive setting in the beggining. However this movie gets a bit old after rewatching it a bit so it's not too high up on the list - darthvadern

Thankfully - iliekpiez

I feel like that this film is gonna get a sequel due to all the memes that people on the internet do. Kind of like what happened with Shrek. DreamWorks in 2016 announced Shrek 5. So I guess that can possibly mean something about internet culture and how that can be influenced to go bring back something. I wouldn't be surprised if this gets a sequel. - nicolasb5194

4 The Prince of Egypt

Often viewed as one of the best 2D Dreamworks animated movies and for good reason. Very deep and emotional story, great character development, and it's actually a pretty dark kids movie when you think about it. Really good setting as well. Movie is excellent - darthvadern

5 Megamind

A wonderful movie with a villian as the main protagonist with excellent character development and stuff. This movie deserves a mention here. It's one of the most unique dreamworks movies with most unique stories and plots and stuff - darthvadern

6 Shark Tale

I actually don't hate Shark Tale. To be honest I really liked it. While the jokes aren't the best, and the fishes look kinda disturbing, the overall plot and animation is very colourful. I really liked the message and the shark characters really were good. Especially Frank and Lenny, in my opinion of course - darthvadern

I mean, why wouldn't I vote it? There’s a Sean Paul song in it!
- TheDuttyGyal

7 Over the Hedge

Besides the first Shrek movie, this is my favorite DreamWorks movie. - JCHOW

8 Spirit: Stallion of the Cimarron
9 Sinbad: Legend of the Seven Seas

Sinbad is my favourite 2D animated Dreamworks movie. Really it's quite awesome. I think it's way better than "The Road To El Dorado" which was released a few years before. The story is better, it's not nearly as slow or boring, but actually pretty exciting. I like the character development of Sinbad and the overall plot is exciting. - darthvadern

10 The Road to El Dorado

This movie is underrated.

I doubt this will get a sequel. - Trollsfan536

I excpected it to be one of my favourite Dreamworks movies. But at the end, it felt bland and not that good. The main characters, Tulio and Miguel wants to get to the golden city El Dorado, but the people there mistake them for gods, so what happens? We have to see the characters do a bunch of things and the villian tries to get rid of them and a love interst for Tulio. Nah, not something I would reccomend. If you wand to see a 2d Dreamworks movie, go watch Sinbad instead - darthvadern

The Contenders

11 Antz
12 Monsters vs Aliens

Definitely a classic in my opinion. I really liked the designs of the monsters, especially the green dino and the story is quite dark for a Dreamworks movie. Really liked it in my opinion. And unlike a lot of people I don't think the T.V.-series is that bad - darthvadern

13 Rise of the Guardians

I've never been too big of a fan of this movie. It's a very original concept but I never grew up watching it and it's a bit boring as well, but it's generally a pretty great movie in my opinion. Really like the whole concept of these guardians as it will play a lot with kids fantasy - darthvadern

I doubt this will get a sequel due to the box office performance. - Trollsfan536

I love this movie so much!

14 Puss in Boots
15 Trolls

I hope it never gets a sequel. This "movie" was trash, and Can't Stop the Feeling is one of the worst songs of all time. - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

Why is this on here? It has an announced sequel as of 2019, therefore should not be here - darthvadern

16 Home


17 Turbo
18 Mr. Peabody & Sherman
19 The Boss Baby

Who is the pile of dirt responsible for the idea to create this awful film? - NickelbackLinkinPark4Eva

See my comment for Trolls - darthvadern

Its getting onee

20 Storks

Not Dreamworks - darthvadern

21 Joseph: King of Dreams

Haven't Seen It

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