Top Ten Best Dreamworks Animated Villains

Were all aware about the classic Disney villains and how awesome they are. Then I thought, what about the DreamWorks animated villains because I think there are a ton of great villains to come out of DreamWorks. So here is my tribute to those amazing DreamWorks baddies.

The Top Ten

Lord Shen - Kung Fu Panda 2

"Why, it's your parting gift. Part of you here. Part of you there... AND part of you WAY OVER THERE STAINING THE WALL!"- Lord Shen

Why isn't the bloodwolf from netflix series the adventures of puss in boots? What is WRONG with people? The bloodwolf nearly killed puss and was the strongest puss in boots villain of all time. You people should watch it. He at least should be #2

With an intimidating color scheme and a tone of voice to match, Lord Shen is easily the leading villain on this list. This iconic bird is responsible for the death of Po's mother and the spilt blood of countless other pandas.

"Hapiness must be taken, and I will take mine..."

Masterpiece of a villain. Tragic background, incandescent with a lust for revenge to appease his self-satisfaction and an overall badass and terrifying peacock.

Mrs. Tweedy - Chicken Run

*looks through binoculars and sees Mrs. Tweedy's face*

Mrs. Tweedy: Mr. Tweedy!


Mrs. tweedy got defeated from mr tweedy from closing the door on her

Voiced by Miranda Richardson

Ramesses - Prince of Eygpt

Some of the villains are pretty evil here, but I personally think Ramesses is the best villain, because of how sympathetic he is. It just didn't feel right for Moses to abandon his brother for a god he met like one time at the end of the movie.

Plus He's Voiced By Ralph Fienes Who Is a Also Voldemort In Harry Potter

Ramses was my favortie dreamworks villian all time and why Ramses to be mad at moses

Voiced by Ralph Fiennes

Chantel Dubios - Madagascar 3: Europes Most Wanted

This Woman Is Without A Doubt My Favorite Dreamworks Villain For 3 Main Reasons.

Reason 1: She's Absolutely Insane!

Reason 2: It Always Feels Like She's Non-Human But Rather A Supervillain. I Mean She Literally Walks Through A Soda Machine Without Flinching!

Reason 3: She's Been Exactly As She Is Now As She Was A Little Child!

Basically Chantel DuBois Is A Great Villain For A Great Movie.

She made me become a misanthrope and lose my faith in humanity.

Chanteldubios has red hair red lips and black hair and she wants to kill Alex

She's a crazy evil mastsrmind

Fairy Godmother - Shrek 2

She's my favorite DreamWorks villain of all time! I love her voice and her quotes!
She should be in the top 3.

She almost succeeded and had an epic musical number

Xenophobic and charismatic at the same time

A great villain

Best shrek villan of all, turned the king into a frog, tried to kill shrek and kinda caused the events of shrek 3 to happen. A great villan

Eris - Sinbad: Legend of the 7 Seas

DreamWorks' Maleficent.

If Maleficent is usually regarded as the best Disney villain, why wouldn't Eris be considered the top dog here? She has caused the most harm across history, is the most evil and chaotic, has power that goes beyond anyone here...

Eris is definitely the best Dreamworks Villain. Seductive, powerful, and sly, but still bound by the word of a Goddess. Seriously, Eris has got to be top.

How can Eris not even be in the list when she is the most awesome Dreamworks villain ever? I guess it's because few people have seen this movie. Eris deserves to be in the top 10 with ease. She is clever, interesting and a GOD! The goddes of discord and chaos. She is so great she deserves another movie all of her own, or cameo's in many other dreamwork movies.

Best DreamWorks villain hands down!

Pitch Black - Rise of the Guardians Pitch Black - Rise of the Guardians Product Image

I think he has far more charm than the fairy Godmother, more wit than Ramses and you have to admit, his powers are definitely awesome... and very useful, should they be used correctly.

After all, how many characters do you know that can manipulate and travel through shadows? How many characters can read peoples' fears and strike terror into one's heart? Do you know many who can corrupt their opponent's element and turn it against them? I have a feeling you may not. Asides from that, he's skilled in equestrian and for someone who likely didn't have a sparring partner for the longest time, he knows how to handle a scythe well enough. But the nightmare arrow certainly has to be the cleverest weapon. And it's not just how he uses weapons, but also opportunities, other people's weaknesses and their ways of thinking against them in the most efficient way. He tricks Sanderson into thinking he's weaker than he really was, drew him away from Jack and casually delivered the best comeback ...more

He's fear himself and he does it well without over-doing it for the most part. Granted, towards the end DreamWorks makes a few bad decisions in writing the character as he practically gives Jack his staff, his memories and Baby Tooth, but in a way that makes him the reason Jack ever found out who he was. He was the person who actually explained anything to Jack. From how belief works, to how he just isn't the only spirit in the world and he can't take on things by himself all the time.

He makes the fairy tale boogeyman appear like something neither human not entirely monstrous and that makes children unnerved, which is a good way to design someone who's task is to spread fear.

Personality-wise he is a typically grouchy and sarcastic villain that does admittedly use the monologue-cliche to explain himself... but alone with only one other person he lets on a little more than the typical power-hungry villain and drops his guard. Some people would claim it fake, but I highly ...more

Okay pitch black is the best animated villain. He's scary and he grips your attention. He is cool and dramatic and simply the best!

He's literally the Boogie man. The dark fear monger on which all evil and villainy is based. How can he only be number 7?
He is the one we all used to have our parents check under the beds for, the shadow from whom we hide under our blankets, the reason we plugged in our night lights and cuddled our teddy bears. He is fear itself. He is Pitch Black.

Not only that but in a tie in comic they showed that he was the one to inspire Lovecraft and the entire Cthulu mythos.

General Mandible - Antz

I think me dibble was mean because they did not let them meet princess Bala

General mandible was cool bad guy he is

Voiced by Gene Hackman

Stoick - How to Train your Dragon

Technically, Stoick is not a villain, but he still is kick-butt and awesome!

I know everything about dragons but I've never seen anyone like stoick. he's amasing

He, s not a villain he was such a amazing leader

Voiced by Gerard Butler

Gallaxhar - Monsters vs Aliens

He have the highest body count out of any DreamWorks villain! She destroy en entire plannet for having the quantonium. I also love his spaceship and his computer

Voiced by Rainn Wilson

The Contenders

Tai Lung - Kung Fu Panda

Best villain of all time. He wasn't a coward like Shen was. He actually fought his own battles. He didn't use machinery to kill opponents either. Tai Lung defeated the whole furious five with easy and nearly killed Shifu without a scratch. He knows the secrets of Kung fu unlike Shen and is the most hardcore villain of all dream works time

Total badass, origins and motives that we can understand and sympathize with, none of the other Dreamworks villains come even CLOSE to this guy in quality.

Tai lung is cooler than lord shen plus if their was a fight between the leopard and the peacock tail lung would win

He is better then chen

Lord Farquaad - Shrek Lord Farquaad is the main antagonist of the 2001 animated feature film, Shrek, as well as Shrek 4D. He is voiced by John Lithgow.

Do you think maybe he's compensating for something?

Why is he only #13?
He should be in the top 3

He is the best villain on here

Literally animated Hitler.

Even the small height jokes resemble what everyone did with tyrants back in the old days.
Lord Shen is a frightened child with mental problems, Farquaad is truly evil, if maybe a bit uncapable and kind of a weakling.

Rumpelstiltskin - Shrek Forever After

Voiced by Walt Dohrn

The Toad - Flushed Away

The Toad was just perfect. He's one of the tallest exposed characters in Flushed Away. Why does Flushed Away not even have a sequel yet?!

He was voiced by Ian mckellen, not to be confused with uncle Ian from Alvin and the chipmunks as he was brilliantly portrayed by mr cross. (Oh who are we kidding, they sound nothing alike! )

The toad was very very funny

Voiced by Ian McKellen

Megamind - Megamind Megamind - Megamind Product Image

Ah yes. One of the most entertaining characters of all time.

You should have also done Tighten

A cruel person

Voiced by Will Ferrell

Drago Bloodfist - How to Train Your Dragon 2

Both Drago and Grimmel should be in top as both ar pure evil while Shen is honorable, which pulls him away from being that.

He’s probably one of the most dark and cr characters and DreamWorks because I mean he teamed a dragon that was trained to kill stuff and killed hiccups dad and was about to kill his mom Not to mention he probably murdered a bunch of people when you took over Burke

He's very threatening and very tough. He's one of the best Dreamworks Villains.

Ruthless enough to kill main characters in the series and tame an alpha dragon. This guy is a true killer and he makes this movie a little edgy

Kai - Kung Fu Panda 3

He is basically if Dreamworks made Thanos from the MCU animated and Evil Cow. Because they both collect items to get Power.

Kai bets up Tai Lung and collected his chi. As evil as Shen but not as evil as Grimmel and Drago.

He is awesome unlike tai lung who was the only Kung fu panda villain that used bruit strength mai uses che

He wrecks everyone until Po masters chi

Grimmel the Grisly - How to Train Your Dragon

Dark hiccup, Grimmel as evil as Drago, whom if by one second delay would have done the same thing Drago did, kill off a main charecter. Both outmatch Shen and Kai easily, two other villains whom I actually like, just like how the HTTYD franchise out matches the KFP franchise

The most evil villain ever he killed toothlesses entire family and so many other night furies this guy is beyond cruel

Easily one of the best HTTYD villains.

Dragon killer sadisticly

Titan - Megamind

He is the Dreamworks version of Syndrome!

"It's Titan! It's Titan! Not Hal!"

Voiced by Jonah Hill

Viggo Grimborn - Dragons: Race to the Edge

Viggo has to be one of the best. He's intelligent, getting under both Hiccup's, and my skin. Just knowing he gets away with so much makes my blood boil, and my skin crawl. I love it. I love even more when he made a return after getting all those burns and scars. Everything he does, he does for himself. Lying to Hiccup that he gave Toothless red oleander to kill him was by far the best plan he came up with. He died a hero death after being evil for seasons! It was the ultimate plot twist.

He's manipulative, intelligent, evil and very villainous. He is a great villain and a unique one.

He was the best villain out of them all. He had the intellegence to rival Hiccup, kept his word as seen in "Buffalord Soldier", didn't force dragons to work for him like Krogan, show respect and didn't let his men die without a reason also unlike Krogan, had a sort of charming bluntness about him. He kind of felt like a older evil brother of Hiccup

Professor Poopypants - Captain Underpants

He was defeated by getting shrunk and riding a bee away and then got put in jail?

He tried to rid the world of laughter

Funniest villain in the studio ever!

He is a joke

Tzekel-Kan - The Road to El Dorado


Don Lino - Shark Tale

He's a villain with anger issues

Good Someone Is Defending Shark Tale and In My Opinion Shark Tale Is Great And Terribly Underrated And Is Better Than Frozen! πŸ˜€
And By The Way I Think Lino Makes A Great Villian! πŸ˜€

Voiced by Robert De Niro

Captain Smek - Home

Smek is such a wimpy villain, he is a coward and I hate him!

Moto Moto - Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa

Not a villain. But he does have some big plummy muscles

He's not a villain


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