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If you have seen any How to Train Your Dragon movies or have seen Riders of Berk, you know about these dragons.

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1 The Night Fury

I am not picking The Night Fury just because of Toothless. Night Furies have so many powerful moves that it isn't just about defeating their enemies with fire power, it's using their speed, agility and fast-thinking to out-wit their opponent. Take the dive-bomb for example. This is the Night Fury's preferred choice of attacking, along with it's primary defense (Plasma Blasts - blasts of both fire and electrical current) and dive-bombing is the easiest way to take out any opponent, specifically ones twice, three or four times the Night Fury's size; as we saw with the Red Death. Also, it's split spine fins make it easier for a Night Fury to be more agile, maneuverable and steerable.

The Night Fury is the most intelligent dragon of all species known and has heightened senses such as hearing and echolocation. It's stamina, agility and stealth make it one of the best attack dragons there is. In addition to this, the Night Fury's wingspan allows it to fly faster, longer and further ...more

I guess he's kinda cute, but, really he a tad overrated. Still like him though. - ThunderdrumsRule

The Night Fury of course! The rarest, most intelligent, fastest, cutest, sweetest... dragon of them all! It's fire explodes on impact, it's the stealth bomber of dragons. It's, altough it's not really big, one of the most dangerous dragons. It acts like a cat and sometimes like a dog, and has bat-like wings and likes to sleep upside down. Who doesn't love a Night Fury?! Aka Toothless of course since he's the only known one. Everyone loves Toothless!

The speed and death its self it's the fastest and Acurancie in all dragon

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2 The Skrill

The Skrill is by far the best dragon. It looks better than the night fury, because what kind of death-related dragon is cute? , and is nearly, if not, as good. It is fast, intelligent, by dragon standards, and powerful. It can emit lightning from its mouth, which is a classic but cool fire type.

Only found during electric storms, this dragon can shoot bursts of white fire. If you get too close to one, your hair will stand on end.

The skrill is beast, he can absorb lighting and use it too electrocute it's enemies. The will be more much more better if it was closely related to the night fury.

I love the skrill

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3 The Thunder Drum

This is a loving Dragon and it is very loyal. It is always by your side, ready to fight whatever stands in your way. It can be found in the sea or ocean and to gain its trust, you have to defeat its enemies. Please do vote for this lovable Dragon. - ThunderdrumsRule

Who doesn't love a dragon that has a sonic blast instead of fire. This dragon should be number one! - rika345

They say the thunder drum got its power from Thor himself!


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4 Flightmare

Flight mare is cool and unique, I think it should be in a movie. It might not be the best, but it is super cool when you compare it to the other dragons.

Nice pun made by the director. Very cool, mysterious dragon.

I love these dragons they paralyze you with fear.

He is so power full go flightmare go go flightmare go

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5 The Scauldron

This dragon is fat because it takes water into its stomach and heats it up. After a while, it shoots the water out. One blast, and you're finished

It is my favorite because it has six rows of teeth

The boiling water of the scauldron can burn the scales of the screaming death and one blast of it and your'e finished.

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6 The Changewing

Amazing dragon! If they exist I would have it as my dragon!

This dragon can blend in with any enviroment. It loves to mimic. It also has acid breath and the ability to hypnotize.

Nobody can destroy a dragon who is invisible. can anyone


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7 The Timberjack

This beauty has razor sharp wings that can cut down a forest of trees. Those enormus wings make (A) a great saw, (B) a very effective tent, and (C) impossible to scratch its own back.

I love timberjacks because there big and a huge flying tent and I think there cute

8 Screaming Death

I don't know what you are talking about the night fury would beat the screaming death like on one of dream works he beat the screaming death

Sneaky big version of the grim reaper. Very characteristic.

This is the strongest and most deadly dragon ever

This dragon should be number 1or 2 because if the night fury wasn t clever he wouldn t beat hin.

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9 The Whispering Death

This dragon burrows through the ground, has 6 rows of insane, rotating teeth, and breathes rings of fire. It is immune to the effects of dragon nip and the roars of the thunder drum. To tame a whispering death, brush its teeth.

I think that the whispering DEath should be the best of all because not only he has a mouth with 6 row he as deadly spike filed with venom and its would really suck if someone runned into one because there's no possible escape

The whispering death should be 4or5

It can swallow you whole! and it can grind and dig through tons of stuff, but not steel. he can also wip people with his tail, so it would be hard but fun to ride one!

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10 Speed Stinger

Can kill a night fury like its nothing. Its faster. Its smarter. (Think logical it has to be able to process things quickly to avoid crashing) They work better together, and how in the name of thor is the night fury strong if there is only ONE. That means it has to be pretty defenseless. Speed stingers are better by far.

Probably the fastest dragon out there. They hunt in packs and are highly coordinated predators. The venom from their stinger can paralyze their victims for several hours. And most of all, they pretty much took over Berk over night.

They look like the velociraptor, my favorite dino. I love them!

The speed stinger is only powerful because it hunts in packs

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11 Monstrous Nightmare

These dragons are so cool because they can set themselves on fire and they have quit a lot of personality.

He's is the most meanest and baddest dragon their is and one of the strongest dragons

These dragons should at least be in the top 10

I 😍 Monstrous nightmares on school of dragon mines over powered

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12 The Boneknapper

This dragon collects the bones of dead dragons to make an unusual coat of armor. It needs every piece to do certain abilities, like roaring.

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13 Woolly Howl

The woolly howl, my favorite dragon, is a very rare dragon only found in icy regions. This powerful beast can shoot hurricanes and rings of ice, can withstand blizzards, and it's belly can blend in with the clouds. This beast is in strike class, meaning it is very powerful, agile, and one of the most powerful dragons. This should be much higher on the list.

The fine dark scales on the back of this blizzard-loving Strike Class dragon are often mistaken for fur at a distance, but this dragon is far from cuddly.

The Woolly Howl's pale belly lets it blend in with th

The Woolly Howl is hands down my favourite of them all! They're a Strike Class dragon that is very loyal, almost like a dog in my eyes. They're very agile, stealthy and rather dangerous. I honestly wouldn't mind having this dragon as my own, even if there were any other new species. The Woolly Howl can shoot hurricanes as well as rings of ice. No only can it withstand blizzards but its stomach can blend in with the clouds above. Isn't that just AWESOME?! Honestly... the Woolly Howl SHOULD be higher up on the list.

I never seen this dragon in the series but seen this in school of dragons!

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14 Bewilderbeast

Bewilder beast would beat every one hands down.

Supposedly the most powerful dragon, it can force other dragons to submit. Amazing in size, even exceeding that of the Red Death.

"but this is the king of all dragons" so obviously, this is the most powerful

I think the Bewilderbeast should at least be in the top 5 because of its size it cold take down all five of the of the dragon academy's dragons
Hiccup,astrid,fishlegs,ruffnut and tuffnut, and hookfangs rider

But if you put a screaming death with it they would kill each other!

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15 The Snaptrapper

This dragon has 4 heads, each with 3 jaws, lures many victims to their doom by their sweet smell of chocolate. They also love rain and can't wait to play in the mud.

16 Grapple Grounder

My favorite dragon in HTTYD. It's very interesting and looks beautiful.

So cool

One of the fastest dragon, has more stamina and stealth than night fury but less speed, power and firepower it has the strongest jaws stronger than grockle, is very dangerous and is flexible because of his snake body. this dragon should be nmber 2 on th list after night fury.

17 The Fireworm

You know since the skin is hotter than the sun it can burn up the atmosphere so technically it can destroy worlds so umm why is this dragon not number 1 doesn't make much sense

Nothing much, except that their skin burns hotter than the sun.

18 Dragon (Shrek)

Why is the hell is this evening here?!

Why people even put it here? If you want me to get rid of it, then challenge accepted.

What it doing here?

Oh course it's a dragon :/

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19 Triple Stryke

Extremely difficult to fight and is super intelligent and who doesn't want to have three tails that are poisonous

This is great and shots three stings quite a competition even for toothless

How is Shrek about the amazing Triple Stryke! I love Triple Stryke's tail and his color scheme.

This guy should be #3 behind skrill, you can't even get close to him without getting killed. Plus it's a beast in dragon fights

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20 The Typhoomerang

Discovered in riders of berk, this dragon makes a blazing flight pattern and is the 3rd fastest dragon

A huge fast dragon with amazing firepower. What more could you want.

This dragon is the dragon of the week!

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