Top 10 Dreamworks Dragons

If you have seen any How to Train Your Dragon movies or have seen Riders of Berk, you know about these dragons.

The Top Ten

1 The Night Fury

I think the night fury is the best dragon because of his personality but is also something that can be dangerous if you don't know what you doing. But he is also the cutest colour and is the fastest flying dragon I've ever seen. his plasma blasts are so beautiful. Until how to train your dragon3 came out I was interested in dragons but now I have the whole family of fury's from build-a-bear. I wish dragons were real, especially the fury family

The Night Fury is one of those dragons that could kill you before you could even blink, but at the same time, is the sweetest little ball of scales ever! I really love the Light Fury and the Woolly Howl as well, but what I am most happy about is that the Skrill is number 2 on this list! Yay!

To awesome and to cute

I don't really know why, it is just my most favourite dragon ever. Maybe because he is sleek and black, or he is pretty cute for a seemingly powerful dragon such as Nightfury, or because of his beautiful plasma blasts. There are endless possibilities with this dragon, as long as you know how. He really made me change my mind on my favourite creature -- extinct or not, mythical or real.

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2 The Skrill

Skrill can move fast as light, and is very strong

It has electrokinesis and is almost as fast as a night fury. Definitely the best dragon ever. Even better than nightfury...but not toothless

They ar so O.P. once they beat toothless head on!

the best

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3 The Thunder Drum

Potentially the loudest animal in Dreamworks!

This is a loving Dragon and it is very loyal. It is always by your side, ready to fight whatever stands in your way. It can be found in the sea or ocean and to gain its trust, you have to defeat its enemies. Please do vote for this lovable Dragon. - ThunderdrumsRule

The Thunderdrum used its roar to rip the sail off a ship; what's not to like about that? Seriously, I think it should be #1.

Who doesn't love a dragon that has a sonic blast instead of fire. This dragon should be number one! - rika345

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4 Flightmare

I love how it is looking like it is glowey and it is op!

Should be third

Flight mare is cool and unique, I think it should be in a movie. It might not be the best, but it is super cool when you compare it to the other dragons.

Nice pun made by the director. Very cool, mysterious dragon.

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5 The Scauldron

It shoots boiling water, what’s not to like

This dragon is fat because it takes water into its stomach and heats it up. After a while, it shoots the water out. One blast, and you're finished

It is my favorite because it has six rows of teeth

The boiling water of the scauldron can burn the scales of the screaming death and one blast of it and your'e finished.

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6 The Changewing

It shoots acid that can melt wood and rocks. Plus it is fast and can camouflage with anything. Best and most scary dragon ever

It can change color! Impressive! Oh and by the way, a Titanwing Bewilderbeast, Screaming Death, or Red Death would be very scary (This comment is ridiculously obvious).

This dragon can blend in with any enviroment. It loves to mimic. It also has acid breath and the ability to hypnotize.

Amazing dragon! If they exist I would have it as my dragon!

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7 The Timberjack

This beauty has razor sharp wings that can cut down a forest of trees. Those enormus wings make (A) a great saw, (B) a very effective tent, and (C) impossible to scratch its own back.

Process to the max

I love timberjacks because there big and a huge flying tent and I think there cute

8 Screaming Death

He is the best hands down. I don't even like Night Furies that much due to them being overrated, but Screaming Death deserves the praise he gets. He's awesome! - RedTheGremlin

He actually hasn't been defeated yet (as of HTTYD 3) So he's obviously the best

This Dragon is so amazing. The screaming death is so cool and deadly. Boulder class and really tough scales that can serve as armor

Unlike the Red Death that toothless and Hiccup defeated alone in the first movie, the screaming Death was never defeated by Hiccup alone or the other dragon riders put together. It took an entire island of dragons to scare it off and is able to destroy islands by itself. What more do I need to say?

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9 Speed Stinger

Speed stingers are my favorite!

If only it could also poison you it would be over powered

Can kill a night fury like its nothing. Its faster. Its smarter. (Think logical it has to be able to process things quickly to avoid crashing) They work better together, and how in the name of thor is the night fury strong if there is only ONE. That means it has to be pretty defenseless. Speed stingers are better by far.

Probably the fastest dragon out there. They hunt in packs and are highly coordinated predators. The venom from their stinger can paralyze their victims for several hours. And most of all, they pretty much took over Berk over night.

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10 Monstrous Nightmare

Great with sharp turns, awesome model, great friends.

These dragons are so cool because they can set themselves on fire and they have quit a lot of personality.

He's is the most meanest and baddest dragon their is and one of the strongest dragons

These dragons should at least be in the top 10

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The Contenders

11 The Whispering Death

This dragon burrows through the ground, has 6 rows of insane, rotating teeth, and breathes rings of fire. It is immune to the effects of dragon nip and the roars of the thunder drum. To tame a whispering death, brush its teeth.

I think that the whispering DEath should be the best of all because not only he has a mouth with 6 row he as deadly spike filed with venom and its would really suck if someone runned into one because there's no possible escape

The whispering death should be 4or5

This dragon should be higher on the list

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12 Triple Stryke

The Triple-Stryke is one of my favourite dragons, because of it's awesome tail and has good fire.

It is awesome

So boss! Toothless couldn't even beat it. I love the skrill, but this boi needs to be higher on the list

Night fury is awesome but the triple stryke is so cool with its sharp tail

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13 The Boneknapper

It is the best thing. If only they were in packs.

Fire shooting legend


This dragon collects the bones of dead dragons to make an unusual coat of armor. It needs every piece to do certain abilities, like roaring.

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14 Bewilderbeast

This is the 2 strongest

What is its name the king of dragons

This is my favorite dragon

King of dragons

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15 Woolly Howl

I love the Woolly Howl for it's speed and agility.

The woolly howl, my favorite dragon, is a very rare dragon only found in icy regions. This powerful beast can shoot hurricanes and rings of ice, can withstand blizzards, and it's belly can blend in with the clouds. This beast is in strike class, meaning it is very powerful, agile, and one of the most powerful dragons. This should be much higher on the list.

The fine dark scales on the back of this blizzard-loving Strike Class dragon are often mistaken for fur at a distance, but this dragon is far from cuddly.

The Woolly Howl's pale belly lets it blend in with th

The Woolly Howl is hands down my favourite of them all! They're a Strike Class dragon that is very loyal, almost like a dog in my eyes. They're very agile, stealthy and rather dangerous. I honestly wouldn't mind having this dragon as my own, even if there were any other new species. The Woolly Howl can shoot hurricanes as well as rings of ice. No only can it withstand blizzards but its stomach can blend in with the clouds above. Isn't that just AWESOME?! Honestly... the Woolly Howl SHOULD be higher up on the list.

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16 Grapple Grounder

My favorite dragon in HTTYD. It's very interesting and looks beautiful.

So cool

One of the fastest dragon, has more stamina and stealth than night fury but less speed, power and firepower it has the strongest jaws stronger than grockle, is very dangerous and is flexible because of his snake body. this dragon should be nmber 2 on th list after night fury.

17 The Snaptrapper

This dragon has 4 heads, each with 3 jaws, lures many victims to their doom by their sweet smell of chocolate. They also love rain and can't wait to play in the mud.

18 The Fireworm

You know since the skin is hotter than the sun it can burn up the atmosphere so technically it can destroy worlds so umm why is this dragon not number 1 doesn't make much sense

Nothing much, except that their skin burns hotter than the sun.

19 Stormcutter

Best hands down.

I think this dragon should be somewhat popular, but not as god damn overrated as the night fury. Come on! The storm cutter is majestic and huge and powerful But also has a soft side for those in need...

This dragon should be 2nd

The stormcutter has four wings and is awesome. It also has the fastest dive of any dragon next to the night fury and is one of the fastest

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20 Dragon (Shrek)

Why is the hell is this evening here?!

Why people even put it here? If you want me to get rid of it, then challenge accepted.

The list is dreamworlds dragons and it featured in the rise of Berk game

What it doing here?

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21 Death Song

Death songs are great they are some of the most beautiful and vicious dragons. Their design from head to toe is completely original the colourful butterfly wings fit perfect with the orange skin and I really like the addition of horns and the ability to spit amber (which no other dragon has). I love this thing it's my favourite dragon and I don't understand why it is low when I see it constantly on top 10s.

They are sooo pretty! They are like butterfly dragons but they're deadly. They prey on other species of dragons and catch them by luring them in with their song that hypnotizes the dragon and makes it come to the area the Death Song is in. Then the Death Song produces this amber substance that traps the dragon and when the Death Song is ready to eat the dragon it gobbles it up. One of the few dragons immune to the Death Song's song is the Thunderdrum. - mushroll2241

Death song should be like number two or three crazy strong all most killed toothless

This higher

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22 Snow Wraith

The Snow Wraith is a Strike Class dragon that appears in DreamWorks Dragons: Race to the Edge. It appears in the episode Dragon Eye of the Beholder Part II.The Snow Wraith has a snowy white body. It possess two legs and a broad wings. The Snow Wraith has two prominent canines protruding from its lower jaw. Also, this dragon has a long ledge under its chin and what seems to be thick eyebrows. The Snow Wraith has a long tail covered with spikes and a thick, fleshy tongue with black bumps on it. It has only two claws and toes on its feet. The Snow Wraith has thermal vision that allows it to track prey even during the blustery blizzard. However, if its prey has the same temperature as its surroundings, it's hard to locate it.

The Snow Wraith has hooks on its wings and a tail full of spikes that allow it to cling onto ice without falling or slipping. Its snowy white scales allow it to blend in well with its surroundings.

This dragon's teeth are the only tool that can unlock ...more - NightFurysRule

Sorry the names Snow Wraith and is set to appear in dragons Race to the Edge. - NightFurysRule

It can inly look the heat vision

Nice one of all dragon it seems it should be a number 5 dragon

Isn't it snow wraith not sow wraith

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23 Sand Wraith

They are awesome

A Tidal Class expert in camouflage that buries itself in the sand. It's a good way to surprise their prey... And avoid sunburn! Some of these dragons migrated to the desert centuries ago likely looking for food and courtship. These are called Desert Wraiths. If you don't know it go to how to train your dragon wiki. They also bear a strong resemblance to a Night Fury.

They are epic

They are so lovely

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24 Snoggletog Wraith

Just because it looks harmless, don't think its not super powerful. It is like the Christmas version of toothless but shoots balls of ice. This a very strong dragon, almost as strong as the night fury. So is the woolly howl.

I wish I could carry it around with me. It looks so cute! Plus, who doesn't like Christmas?

This dragon is not like Toothless! It is a Sand Wraith that is white - EAR2121

It is also powerful. My best battle dragon in Dreamworks Dragons: Rise of Berk

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25 Red Death

It da dope dragon

The red death is the queen of all dragons its like below the bewilder beast

It's the queen of dragons

Red death boss

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26 Razorwhip

Razorwhip has way more abilities than every other dragon. Most people think that Toothless is the coolest dragon of all time, and granted he is one of the best ones. However, he can only shoot plasma out of his mouth and fly at high speeds, which is very helpful when it comes to fights and racing. But, the Razorwhip has so many more equally awesome powers. I'm not trying to put down night furys, but am saying that there are other dragons that people should look into.

It can keep up with toothless!


It's fast, it's sharp, it's smart, it's loyal, it has every trait you would want. It's breath is hot enough to melt almost anything, and it is an amazing dragon all round.

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27 Singatail

Singe away baby! From tail, under and mouth

28 The Typhoomerang

Discovered in riders of berk, this dragon makes a blazing flight pattern and is the 3rd fastest dragon

A huge fast dragon with amazing firepower. What more could you want.

This dragon is the dragon of the week!

29 The Hideous Zippleback

One head blows gas while the other ignites. This causes an explosion so powerful it more powerful than most dragons. They are very agile and are in the mystery class of dragons meaning they are very stealthy

You ever think they burp out fart, because fart is made out of methane, which is very explosive if there is a fire. Lesson, do not put fire on your butt.

2 Heads Twice The Status

These dragons are super amazing and you can give them names like zip and zap or scratch and claw or also moon and sun

30 Seashocker

This dragons has two heads and can glow under water. This dragon should be in the top 15

So far one of the only dragons that I think have a quality design out of them all.

It a sword fish of some think else? It not a dragon


It looks like a mantaray ( or whatever it's called but the creature is very cool! ) it can do glorious dolphin jumps! Has lighting as it's breath. ( well technically not breath but I don't know how to put it ) has TWO HEADS! Which means double names!
There are so many things I want to say about the dragon, but I don't know what.

31 Lycanwing

They look so awesome!

These are cool if they were real not saying they are but there is no proof of them being real

32 Light Fury

Light Fury is my best dragon in How to Train Your Dragon because she is beautiful, cute, adorable and amazing dragon. She should be in number two after Night Fury (Toothless).

The Light Fury is awesome! She can camouflage and she has the same abilities as Toothless!

It's tootless' mate. she's in the third movie and she is so pretty and awesome - mushroll2241

33 Deadly Nadder

This dragon is one of the fastest and can shoot spines from its tail with deadly accuracy and is 2nd most venomous dragon.

Best dragon EVER

This dragon should at least be in the top 15 because hiccup even said the deadly nadder is a close match for a night fury.

One of the fastest it shoots spikes and has the hottest fire and is fast and beautiful

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34 Shockjaw

I like the fact they can shoot lightning!

Strongest dragon

It's like an awesomer version of the Hackatoo. The Shockjaw can shoot lightning bolts and can fly very quickly. They are very loyal. They are also adaptable on land or in the water, making them my personal favorite. These guys should be in the top!

35 Gronckle

People give the nightfury too much credit. What happens if a day comes where you need a friend after some guys just put you down? One nightfury left? It belongs to Hiccup? The Gronckle's loyalty is way up there. You a blacksmith and want to sell a light and strong metal? Two words. Gronckle iron Got a catapult shot flying at you? A gronckle will take that and throw that hot potato back. Two ally dragons fighting because they got a whiff of dragon root? Only the Gronckle can send that troublemaker away. The Nightfury is nice and all, but for a friend who will be there for you no matter what, tough armor, will never betray you, can make the best metal, how could you not love a gronckle?

Gronckle is my favourite dragon. It is slow but it is stronger than a nadder it should be in top ten

It is Very cool

It is the coolest dragon from the boulder class. It is better than a nadder or a razorwhip (razorwhips and nadders are sneaky and They are so UGLY

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36 Catastrophic Quaken

Quakens are strong and very fast when rolled up in a ball. They are in the top 5 most heavily armoured dragons, with a rating of 35, meaning that they are pretty much impossible to injure. Even Toothless could not hurt it, and he shot 6 plasma blasts at it.They are my favourite dragon, and I reckon they would beat any dragon apart from the alphas or titan wings.

This boulder class dragon appears in dragons race to the edge. It is basically like a bigger version of the gronckle and it has this ability to roll up into a boulder to crush everything in its path making it virtually indestructible

Hotburple is bigger version of gronkle you idiot. It like a giant amadillo

37 The Alpha

There so many alpha, which do this tall about?

Laugh out loud. It took all the dragons who ever existed to beat him.

It does not take all of the dragons to beat it

Is the king of all dragons

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38 Rumblehorn

Don't you people know it is dangerous!

It can tracker you and almost unstopperble

39 Windstriker

It looks cool

40 Thunderpede

The Thunderpede is a new Boulder class dragon from Rise of Berk. This dragon is so awesome it has 6 legs and two front arms that are huge with razor sharp claws. They kind of look like centipedes in dragon form. The jackhammer-like forelegs of this ruthless Boulder Class bruiser can pulverize a massive boulder in seconds, and a viking even faster! Just like the legs, the wings of this dragon are small for its size but can flap in a great speed.

41 Sword Stealer

This dragon was first shown in rise of berk. The sword stealers skin is magnetic meaning its skin is covered in armor. It kind of is like the boneknappers armer except it is metal meaning it is stronger and more powerful and impenatrable. Anyone who has metal and gets too close has it ripped from them.

42 Moldruffle

The only reason I voted was to write how stupid it is if you had no cloths on and god hit by it’s fire you would be find it also has a weak bite,soft skin and can be noticed by a blind man.

It's stupid

43 Scuttleclaw

They're so cute I love them❤️

44 Hotburple

They are the cutest thing ever

It lazy and stupid

45 Dragos Bewilderbeast

These both dragons are first in position in attacking power

46 Thunderclaw

Aww so cute

47 Forever Wing

It a alpha class dragon and it sleep all the time to hide something. It use a island like it shell

This is An Alpha class dragon. It is the 3d biggest dragon ever after the the red death. All Alphas must be in the top 10. vote this awesome is link to see this awesome dragon - NightFurysRule

48 Devilish Dervish

Voting for this one because I recognize it from the books, which I love.

49 Snifflehunch
50 Buffalord

This guy is FAAATT!

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