Top 10 Dreamworks Dragons

If you have seen any How to Train Your Dragon movies or have seen Riders of Berk, you know about these dragons.

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21 Snoggletog Wraith

Just because it looks harmless, don't think its not super powerful. It is like the Christmas version of toothless but shoots balls of ice. This a very strong dragon, almost as strong as the night fury. So is the woolly howl.

I wish I could carry it around with me. It looks so cute! Plus, who doesn't like Christmas?

It is also powerful. My best battle dragon in Dreamworks Dragons: Rise of Berk

This dragon is not like Toothless! It is a Sand Wraith that is white - EAR2121

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22 Snow Wraith

It can inly look the heat vision

Nice one of all dragon it seems it should be a number 5 dragon

Isn't it snow wraith not sow wraith

All it's Dragonpedia stats are better than that of a Night Fury and Skrill. It has awesome ice breath instead of firepower and could singlehandedly face all five of Berk's Dragons. Just powerful.

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23 The Typhoomerang

Discovered in riders of berk, this dragon makes a blazing flight pattern and is the 3rd fastest dragon

A huge fast dragon with amazing firepower. What more could you want.

This dragon is the dragon of the week!

24 Red Death

The red death is the queen of all dragons its like below the bewilder beast

It's the queen of dragons

Red death boss

It so stupid

25 Death Song

Great but its death song doesn't attract all dragons which is a bit of a disappointment

He is so cool the way he attracts dragons with his DEATH SONG

Should be clarified as the best dragon

Such a beautiful dragon (though I can’t help comparing them to a T-Rex sometimes because of their rather stubby legs)- and a big one at that! The way they move and fly is so intriguing to me, and they’re by far my favourite dragon of them all. Even their tails can slam an adult thunderdrum against a wall! They're huge, can eat eels, are able to lure their unlucky prey by essentially hypnotizing them momentarily, are very alert, can fire a sticky amber-like substance with amazing accuracy (which even Toothless was unable to avoid) which traps and immobilizes their prey, can separate the amber from rock while still hard, and I would say they’re exceptionally fast (though they don’t do well in tight places because of both their size and the fact that their song reflecting back on them) and intelligent. I really don’t understand why this amazing dragon doesn’t have more love, and I do believe they deserve more recognition as both a gorgeous and quite dangerous beast.

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26 Singatail

Singe away baby! From tail, under and mouth

27 Razorwhip

I absolutely LOVE this dragon. It is just such a cool dragon! I love how the Razorwhip's fire is so hot, that it is light blue. And how it's tail is so sharp it can cut through anything! And let's not forget how it can shoot spikes off its tail! If I was a dragon rider, my dragon would definitely be this one!

It can break a dragon proof chain and protects who they want and protect who they are told to

This dragon is sneaky ( and heather is sneaky too)

It has many posibilities

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28 Gronckle

People give the nightfury too much credit. What happens if a day comes where you need a friend after some guys just put you down? One nightfury left? It belongs to Hiccup? The Gronckle's loyalty is way up there. You a blacksmith and want to sell a light and strong metal? Two words. Gronckle iron Got a catapult shot flying at you? A gronckle will take that and throw that hot potato back. Two ally dragons fighting because they got a whiff of dragon root? Only the Gronckle can send that troublemaker away. The Nightfury is nice and all, but for a friend who will be there for you no matter what, tough armor, will never betray you, can make the best metal, how could you not love a gronckle?

Gronckle is my favourite dragon. It is slow but it is stronger than a nadder it should be in top ten

It is Very cool

This dragon is the only dragon that should be on the list because it is soø cool

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29 Seashocker

This dragons has two heads and can glow under water. This dragon should be in the top 15

So far one of the only dragons that I think have a quality design out of them all.

It a sword fish of some think else? It not a dragon


It looks like a mantaray ( or whatever it's called but the creature is very cool! ) it can do glorious dolphin jumps! Has lighting as it's breath. ( well technically not breath but I don't know how to put it ) has TWO HEADS! Which means double names!
There are so many things I want to say about the dragon, but I don't know what.

30 Sand Wraith

A Tidal Class expert in camouflage that buries itself in the sand. It's a good way to surprise their prey... And avoid sunburn! Some of these dragons migrated to the desert centuries ago likely looking for food and courtship. These are called Desert Wraiths. If you don't know it go to how to train your dragon wiki. They also bear a strong resemblance to a Night Fury.

They look like nightfuries, and if you color them mostly black with white spots they look like the night sky. What's not to love? I have one on School of Dragons!

31 The Hideous Zippleback

One head blows gas while the other ignites. This causes an explosion so powerful it more powerful than most dragons. They are very agile and are in the mystery class of dragons meaning they are very stealthy

You ever think they burp out fart, because fart is made out of methane, which is very explosive if there is a fire. Lesson, do not put fire on your butt.

These dragons are super amazing and you can give them names like zip and zap or scratch and claw or also moon and sun

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32 Thunderpede

The Thunderpede is a new Boulder class dragon from Rise of Berk. This dragon is so awesome it has 6 legs and two front arms that are huge with razor sharp claws. They kind of look like centipedes in dragon form. The jackhammer-like forelegs of this ruthless Boulder Class bruiser can pulverize a massive boulder in seconds, and a viking even faster! Just like the legs, the wings of this dragon are small for its size but can flap in a great speed.

33 Lycanwing

These are cool if they were real not saying they are but there is no proof of them being real

34 Hotburple

They are the cutest thing ever

It lazy and stupid

35 Rumblehorn

Don't you people know it is dangerous!

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36 Windstriker

It looks cool

37 Forever Wing

It a alpha class dragon and it sleep all the time to hide something. It use a island like it shell

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38 Deadly Nadder

This dragon is one of the fastest and can shoot spines from its tail with deadly accuracy and is 2nd most venomous dragon.

This dragon should at least be in the top 15 because hiccup even said the deadly nadder is a close match for a night fury.

One of the fastest it shoots spikes and has the hottest fire and is fast and beautiful

This has the hottest fire in the dragon world!
And Stormfly is one, and she rocks!

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39 Dragos Bewilderbeast

These both dragons are first in position in attacking power

40 Sword Stealer

This dragon was first shown in rise of berk. The sword stealers skin is magnetic meaning its skin is covered in armor. It kind of is like the boneknappers armer except it is metal meaning it is stronger and more powerful and impenatrable. Anyone who has metal and gets too close has it ripped from them.

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