Top Ten Best Dribble Moves in Basketball

Dribble Moves in Basketball are essential. Unless your over 6'5 you must have good dribble moves. Most Dribble Moves are used to either create space or get past a defender.

The Top Ten

1 Hesitation Hesitation

My personal favorite is the Hesitation Move. You can create a lot of moves from the Hesitation. You can move into a shot or could maybe pass. You can get your defender off balance and drive. You can do some crossover moves maybe a In and Out or maybe even a Step Back. And if you are good enough you can maybe snap someone's ankles. - 2storm

2 Double Crossover Double Crossover

This is a really advanced move. I personally can do it, but I just can't in the flow of a game consistently. It takes true advanced skill to do it right. Now what makes it so hard is how fast you have to pull it off. If you are able to do it though it can set up a pass or you could into a Hesitation or a Step Back Move. - 2storm

3 Step Back Step Back

The Step Back move is probably the best way to create space for a jumper. Besides the Hesitation Move and all the Crossover Moves this is probably my most used Move. - 2storm

4 Behind the Back Behind the Back

Just a simple Crossover Move. Pretty easy to do, but once you master it, it can be deadly. - 2storm

5 Between the Legs Between the Legs

Another simple crossover that can easily be combined with a Behind the Back. - 2storm

6 In and Out

I never really use this Move, but it can be pretty effective if you combine it with something else. - 2storm

7 Simple Crossover Simple Crossover

I mean everybody can do a Simple Crossover, but it really isn't that effective unless you Allen Iverson, who is really the only guy I have ever seen break someone's ankles. - 2storm

8 Spin Move

Kinda self explanatory. It is used mostly to get past someone on defense or to make space for a layup. - 2storm

9 Half Spin

Tons of options you can do with a half spin. You can do a Step Back or could pull a Michael Jordan and confuse you opponent by doing a fake spin then reverse over to a half then back to a full - 2storm

10 Dribble Drive Dribble Drive

I mean it can be effective if you are taller or stronger than the people that you are facing. - 2storm

Or faster - 2storm

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