Top 10 Drinking Games for School

Disclaimer: Don’t actually try these drinking games as you’ll most likely die of alcohol poisoning.

The Top Ten

1 Every Time the Announcements Come On
2 Every Time You Hear Someone Say "Like"
3 Every Time You’ve Wanted to Hit Someone Over the Head with Your Backpack

Drinking games at school. Let that thought set. - Cyri

lol, yes

4 Every Person You Hate Including Teachers

*Dies* - Cyri

5 Every Time Someone Swears
6 Every Person They Call Down to the Office
7 Every Time Someone Says “Oh My God”
8 Every Minute You Don’t Pay Attention in Class
9 Every Time You Look at the Clock While Waiting for It to Be Lunch or the End of the Day
10 Every Time You See a Girl Break the Dress Code

The Contenders

11 Every Time Someone Says “shut Up”
12 Every Time Someone Whistles
13 Every Time You’ve Wanted It to Be the Weekend
14 Every Time You’ve Wanted to Walk Out
15 Every Couple that Shoves Their Relationship Down Everyone’s Throats
16 Every Awkward Moment You Have
17 Every Time Someone Slowed Down While You Were Trying to Get Somewhere
18 Every Time Someone Brags About Their Hair
19 Every Time You Hear an Annoying Laugh
20 Every Time You’ve Wanted to Shake Your Head at Someone
21 Everything You Learn that You Won’t Ever Need in the Real World
22 Every Freshman that Thinks They’re Cool All Because They’re in High School
23 Every Person that Thinks They’re Cool in General
24 Every Time Someone Jumps on a Trend
25 Every Time You’ve Wanted to Cuss Out a Bad Teacher
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