Drinking Games for the Spyro Franchise

I did school drinking games, so I decided to do one on the Spyro franchise. Add some as well if you want. It can either be from the first 5 console games, any handheld or The Legend of Spyro games.

The Top Ten

1 Every fanboy that whines about Skylanders
2 Every fan that gushes over Spyro and Cynder
3 Every time someone nitpicks at “Spyro Reignited Trilogy”
4 Every time a dragon says “thank you for releasing me” in the first game
5 Every glitch in “Enter The Dragonfly”
6 Every time Sparx tries too hard to be funny in “The Eternal Night” or “Dawn of the Dragon”
7 Every ship in the entire franchise
8 Every character voiced by Jeff Bennett
9 Every time Zoe zaps you
10 Every time someone says “pain” in “The Eternal Night”

The Contenders

11 Every Time Spyro Rolls His Eyes in the Legend of Spyro Trilogy
12 Every Time Spyro Shakes His Head in the Legend of Spyro Trilogy
13 Every Time Sparx Holds a Grudge Against Cynder in “the Eternal Night” and “dawn of the Dragon”
14 Every Painfully Long Cutscene in the Legend of Spyro Trilogy
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