Top 10 Drinking Games for YouTubers

The Top Ten

1 Every time he says "frick" in his earlier videos - SammyClassicSonicFan
2 Every time he says "bitch" - DashieXP
3 Every time he says "f***" - Angry Video Game Nerd
4 Every time they die in Super Mario Maker - Various
5 Every time he screams at the top of his lungs - Pewdiepie
6 Every time he creates a forced meme - JonTron
7 Every time he says "WOOSHY WOOSH!" - JackSepticEye
8 Every time he uses the word "s***" - DashieXP
9 Every time he somehow manages to outclass Shia LaBeouf in sheer douchebaggery - FilthyFrank
10 Every time they use a blatant clickbait title for one of their videos - LeafyIsHere and PyroCynical

The Contenders

11 Every time he gets hated on for admitting that Undertale actually was, in fact, the greatest and most memorable gaming experience that 2015 had to offer - Zero Punctuation (Escapist)
12 Every time he says "I pressed it to jump!" - PeanutButterGamer
13 Every time he uses a yellow background for one of his videos - Zero Punctuation (Escapist)
14 Every time he lampshades the fact that he's a blatant ripoff of Zero Punctuation - A Kind Ale War
15 Every time one of his videos gets flooded with stupid hate comments - IHateEverything
16 Every time he yells at the top of his lungs - DashieXP
17 Every time he takes a drink - Angry Video Game Nerd
18 Every time he creates a painfully forced meme - Nostalgia Critic
19 Every time he uses donating to charity as an excuse for how bad his content is - Pewdiepie
20 Every time they die in Unfair Mario - Various
21 Every time he places 4th in a Grand Prix cup in Mario Kart 8 - DashieXP
22 Every time he mentions nipples - JackSepticEye
23 Every time he makes a joke about gay people - Pewdiepie
24 Every time he calls a fictional character his "homie" - DashieXP
25 Every time he takes a ridiculously long time to upload new content - JonTron
26 Every time he screams at the top of his lungs - UkieKooki
27 Every time he calls Donkey Kong "Donkey Bitch Ass" - DashieXP
28 Every time he dies in the same spot repeatedly while playing Mario - PeanutButterGamer
29 Every time he pulls an entirely different thing up over the game footage just to make a cheap joke - Joel (Vinesauce)
30 Every time he openly refuses to show his face - IHateEverything
31 Every time he makes a video that is made out of pure concentrated meme cancer - 3LameStudios
32 Every time he nearly breaks your computer speakers by screaming too loudly about random things vaguely related to Minecraft - SuperMinecraftKid
33 Every time he plays Counter-Strike Surf in the background of one of his videos - LeafyIsHere

I tried this I'm dead now I'm gonna sue you

34 Every time he clearly shows that he really isn't as good at Super Smash Bros. as he's made out to be - AlphaRad
35 Every time he forgets to drift in Mario Kart - DashieXP
36 Every time he makes a Top 10 video - Nathaniel Bandy
37 Every time someone calls him Bathaniel Nandy - Nathaniel Bandy
38 Every time someone ignorantly blames him for the way that FNAF's fanbase turned out - Markiplier
39 Every time he swears - Angry Video Game Nerd
40 Every time he swears - DashieXP
41 Every time he has a sudden random mental breakdown without warning in his earlier videos - SammyClassicSonicFan
42 Every time he proves himself to be completely nostalgia-blinded - BenTheLooney
43 Every time he makes a blatant troll review of a video game just for the sake of pissing people off - Gligar13Vids
44 Every time he gets posted onto the cringe subreddits of Reddit - SammyClassicSonicFan
45 Every time he gets posted onto the cringe subreddits of Reddit - Pewdiepie
46 Every time he says something in a voice so painfully high-pitched and warbly that it makes your ears want to bleed - SammyClassicSonicFan
47 Every time he talks about video game companies and fandoms in a ridiculously overdramatic fashion as if they are global alliances - SammyClassicSonicFan
48 Every time he holds up his finger and starts shaking it nervously in front of your face - SammyClassicSonicFan
49 Every time he pronounces Deus Ex as "Doos Ex" - SammyClassicSonicFan
50 Every time he rages in How Will Nathaniel Rage - Nathaniel Bandy
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