Top 10 Most Drug Addicted Countries In the World

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The Top Ten

1 Iran - Heroin, 14.32% per capita

@visitor RE "per capita" incoherence: I don't misuse it - it is used in the same way in the document I cited above (source). I didn't change anything. But maybe the authors of the article didn't say it correctly. - Metal_Treasure

"But maybe the authors of the article didn't say it correctly."
It's not "maybe." It's wrong. Not just wrong, but manifestly incorrect.
It's your list. You can't pass blame for citing a source easily recognizable as nonsensical.

Your misuse of "per capita" produces incoherence. Here you are saying that each person is 14.32% addicted to heroin.

2 U.K. - Alcohol, 13.65% per capita

We'll be practically at the bottom of this list once the SNP finally get what they want. - PositronWildhawk

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3 France - Prescription pills, 13.2% per capita
4 Slovakia - Inhalants, 13.01% per capita
5 Russia - Alcohol, 7.1% per capita
6 Afghanistan - Heroin, 6.9% per capita
7 Canada - Marijuana, 6.4% per capita

Haha addicted to marijuana? That's not even possible - ryanrimmel

8 United States - Prescription pills, 6.2% per capita
9 Brazil - Oxi, 4.29% per capita
10 Mexico - Meth, 3.9% per capita

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