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41 The Hangover
42 City of God


AMAZING MOVIE! One of those MUST-SEE movies : )

This should be numbr 1. Stark and gritty portrayal of life in the slums. Brutal and hard hitting.

43 Smiley Face

a really funny pot-comedy with the girl from scary movie - iwantujulya

44 Savages
45 Most High

This is one of the most realistic drug movies and performances I have ever seen and I have seen all the movies above.

46 Belly

such a good movie. If you live in the nyc area (specifically jamaica queens), (and or a nas fan) you will definitely have a love for this movie. Its so real.

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47 A Scanner Darkly

There are a few of my all time favorite movies on this list, Requiem For A Dream, Fear And Loathing, Blow, City Of God.. I really couldn't vote for any of those and I couldn't Choose one of them. But now that I saw this amazing movie in #36, I had to vote for it. It's such an amazing movie with all kinds of moods in it, everything about it is absolutely amazing, the script, the plot, the characters, the acting and of course the awesome animation effects. it's a masterpiece.

Love this movie.. Seen almost every movie made and this is near the top. Very under appreciated

the weird animation in this movie is so freaking cool to watch. story line is also great

It should be much higher on this list, one of the top ten at least.

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48 Menace II Society
49 Go Ask Alice
50 Go!

a very good xtc movie twisted story

51 Empire

New age street war at its finest

52 Drugstore Cowboy

Should be top five for sure! If you haven't seen it, you're missing out. Great depiction of the life of a real addict. If you want a movie you can relate to, watch this one. If you know nothing about "the life", go watch Friday or Pineapple Express.

This movie has William s. Burroughs! every junkhead should watch this movie

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53 Human Traffic

"the weekend has landed all that exists now is drugs, clubs, pubs and parties". Great great British, realistic film about weekend pilling. Producer and director got it spot on. Plus great trance sound track

The only movie where they really show the way how drugs works out. From the beginning till the end, everything is perfect. And really good music!

54 Superfly
55 Cheech & Chong's Next Movie
56 Christiane F.

It is strange that the movie isn't in the Top 10. I think it deserves to be in a much better place than where it is. Drugs, Heroine, "Tripis" and over everything, David Bowie.

Easily should be a top 5 drug movie... In my opinion the best. Can only imagine it's down this far because people don't know it, or because it's in German.

German film, if you don't mind reading subtitles DEFINITELY watch this.

TRUE story! Reading her autobiography in the 80's was fascinating but mostly scary!

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57 Dealer
58 The Stoned Age

Had to toss my because a vote

59 Next Friday

Awesome movie, love ICE CUBE

60 21 Jump Street
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