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61 Next Friday

Awesome movie, love ICE CUBE

62 The Doors

This movie is a mind trip filled with great freakin' music. I can't believe noone listed this.

This movie is a mind trip filled with great freakin' music. I can't believe no one listed this.

63 21 Jump Street
64 The Heat
65 Rush

I remember thinking how great this movie was, especially on reflection, as I had taken more drugs over the course of my life after seeing this movie than I had before I'd seen it. I really dislike the main actor (Jason Patrick? ) but thought he was very good in this movie, as was Jennifer Jason Leigh.

by far one the most underrated drug movies ever you need to see this now

Actually was looking for this movie, love loved it, action, love, music all great!

Fabulous movie!

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66 Easy Rider

Why has this not been mentioned. A film that spoke for a generation and refused to romanticise. A film not just about the drugs, but about the people, the lifestyle. Beuatiful shot, amazingly acted (Dennis Hopper, what more can i say), and all around one of the best films of and about the sixties.

67 Puff, Puff, Pass
68 Wonderland

My god! how come no one has added this yet! the true story about the life after the legend John holmes the first porn star. Val kilmer plays john holmes. it's all about how he became a coke addict and got involved in the wonderland murders. Very good drug movie and very realistic this is up there with movies like spun and pulp fiction! awesome! -

The 70's, porn, cocaine, and mass murder. Can't get too much better. Badass Hollywood version of a true story.

Amazing movie! Definitely should be in the top 10 for sure!
Absaoutly nothing bad to say about this movie at all! WATCH it you will love it!

69 Super Troopers

The first scene when they get pulled over and the guy in the back has to eat the shrooms and weed is hilarious! Probably the funniest part of the whole movie!

70 Dope (London 1968)

Dope is more underground than the underground. It's sub-underground.
See it online at dopethemovie. net
Cool trailer also. It's all about drugs, and beautiful as well. - flameschon

It really is a masterpiece, and people know that when they get the rare chance to see it. - flameschon

The whole film was truly a great masterpiece of period work. It got the feeling and ambience perfectly...  It worked as a true documentary. It is an archival gem... got me involved with the characters that were so real and in our faces. - flameschon

71 Alpha Dog

This is honestly such a great movie, and its based on a true story which I find makes it even better lots of great actors and the film will really get to you its just amazing a must watch

72 Maria Full of Grace

Innocent girl smuggles dope to America. DVD commentary has amazing info about drug trafficking.

73 The Panic in Needle Park

Smoky, seductive, sexy
... It's ideal. Pacino was great too and it was good to see him as a young actor again.

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74 The Departed

Nominated for 5 oscars, won 4. Has got an all star cast. Crazy ending.

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75 Enter the Void

Definitely one of the best films I have seen, quite long and slow paced though. All about DMT.

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76 Bongwater
77 Never Die Alone
78 Little Fish

A excellent drama and excellent acting.

79 Trapped in a Purple Haze
80 Gridlock'd

This a good movie about the junkie life with good performances by tim roth and 2pac needle!

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