Top Ten Drug Movies

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101 Reindeerspotting
102 Cracked Not Broken
103 Dredd
104 Wasted

Not the best movie, but fairly accurate depiction of teens and heroin addiction, how fast the spiral can be and how deathly serious the consequences. And how heroin addiction can grab anyone that toys with it- straight A students & high school athletes are just as susceptible as the party kids!

105 Liquid Sky

Certainly the weirdest drug-movie of all time. Cult-Classic! Ok soundtrack too.

106 Born to Win
107 Work Is a Four-Letter Word

Some guy conives his way into a steamy old industrial building to grow Shrooms.
- dumbasilook

108 Homegrown

Billy bob Thornton is, great in this movie, as is ryan philippe, should b in top 25

109 Ex Drummer

Non-American production underrated and left behind, as usual.. Not to mention non-english language movies.. (with the exception of Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Zoo)..

110 Nordkraft
111 Get Rich Or Die Tryin'
112 Adam & Paul

A day in the life of 2 Dublin Heroin addicts. Great!

Wonderfully bleak.

113 Nowhere
114 Life Is Hot In Cracktown

Really dark, good, flick

115 We're the Millers
116 Naked Lunch

Good movie adaption of William S. Burroughs book. Very hallucinated movie.

Very trippy. I would like that they make a movie of William S. Burroughs book "junky", that would be as good produced like this one.

117 The Trip

What the hell? I meant the 1967 movie with Peter Fonda about the LSD trip.
" The trip " directed by Roger Corman, written by Jack Nicholson starring Peter Fonda, Dennis Hopper, Susan Strasberg, released in 1967! Not this movie!?

118 Harvard Man

This movie with an outstanding and beautiful Sarah Michelle Gellar ( her best performance ) who plays the daughter of a Italian maffia related dad has a boyfriend who decides to take LSD ( manufactured after the Original Sandoz formula of the sixties ) to expand his mind. He takes more than a usual dose and the trip will never end.

119 The Trip (1967)

The whole movie is about an experiment on LSD! Ranked number 135? Movies that are not really " drug " movies like " Pulp Fiction " and so many others on this list are on the top! Pulp Fiction at number 3? What's wrong with this list?

120 Quadrophenia

Late 70's English movie about the mod movement. Amphetamines, Vespas and music is the only thing they care about.

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