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121 Quadrophenia

Late 70's English movie about the mod movement. Amphetamines, Vespas and music is the only thing they care about.

122 The Beach

how come thats not in the top ten

123 Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (1971)

Johnny Depp was good, but Wilder nailed it. If Willy wasn't in an altered state while running that factory, I need another brownie!

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124 Budz House
125 The French Connection
126 Thank You for Smoking
127 Drunken Angel
128 Mr. Nice

Great movie about marihuana smuggling. Great because no political correct morality in it.

129 Ill Manors
130 Crank
131 Acid House

Great drug movie. Funny as well

132 Kili Poyi

One if the best malayalam film ever

133 Still Smokin'
134 24 Hour Party People

Steeve Coogan as Tony Wilson is excellent.

135 South West 9

Human traffic ripoff based in Brixton London.. Good fun if you like Human Traffic but want something a little darker. Not a great movie but worth a watch if you's a Londoner...

136 Inherent Vice V 1 Comment
137 Harold and Kumar: Escape from Guantanamo Bay

The funniest stoner and weed movie... Must watch and vote it...

138 The Big Chill
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