Top Ten Greatest Drum and Bass Songs of All Time

Must be in the genre's of
Liquid DrumAndBass
Nothing else acceptable

The Top Ten

1 Could This Be - Noisia

"Wordless no word can describe it"

2 Witchcraft - Pendulum

"Take me outta heree" - ZeroBlaster

3 Pushing Me On - Break

Another indescribable song, this shows how pure the genre is and how it's the greatest!

4 Draining Atlantic - Muzzy

From the most enjoyable DrumAndBass artist these days, comes his greatest Masterpiece!

5 Get Free - Major Lazer

What happens when you take the Godfather of DrumAndBass and take an easy assignment with beautiful vocals to remix? You get this phenomenon.

6 Through the Night - Drumsound & Bassline Smith

Ever wonder what it's like to travel 100,000,000 through space to find the beauty of life? Well that's what this song is like.

7 Ghost Assassin - Maduk

This shows that DrumAndBass is incredibly diverse with insanely meaningful lyrics.

8 One's Own - Koven

This proves that classical symphony music's long lost better counterpart is real! It's called DrumAndBass.

9 Origami - Twothirds
10 The Nine - Bad Company UK

Classic. I don't get why is it too low. - ZeroBlaster

What is this doing at 26?
Come on, get this in the top 10 AT LEAST - wrests

The Contenders

11 Afterglow - Wilkinson

Shows what great instament use is!

12 Sheol - Xtrullor & Panda Party


13 Alive - Chase & Status
14 Suspicious - Voltage

Who said new songs can't make the list?

15 I Refuse - Netsky

This is the greatest Liquid DrumAndBass song ever.

16 Reach (Push the Feeling) - Tantrum Desire
17 Time - Chase & Status

This is definitive of what drum and bass should be. - PositronWildhawk

18 M.S.D? - I Feel You (Bluescreens Remix)
19 Deceit - 85 In the Fog (Muzzy Remix)

Proves DnB is the greatest genre of all time

20 Wrong (Muzzy Remix) - Kings of the City

This Shows Muzzy is the most entertaining DrumAndBass Artist Today! And he just keeps on getting greater! He will go down as one of the Greats!

21 Hopelessly Coping (Rene Lavice Remix) - Wilkinson

Showcases Rene LaVice's place in greatness!

22 Don't Look Down - Rene Lavice
23 Freak - Friction
24 Back to You - Muzzy & Voicians

I could cry from the greatness of this song

25 Until the World Ends - Black Sun Empire & State of Mind

This shows the great dark side of DnB

26 The Calling - Rene Lavice

The intro is phenomenal!

27 Lonesong - Feint

Thank god this made it

28 Nobody Gets Out of Here Alive - High Contrast
29 Inner City Life - Goldie
30 Oblique - Sabre, Stray & Halogenix
31 Everything's Different - High Contrast
32 Kismet - Hybrid Minds
33 Glory Days (Never Again) - Mutated Forms
34 Lost & Found - Bcee
35 Transporter - Logistics
36 Nasty (Spor Remix) - The Prodigy
37 Heaven Sent - Nu:tone

So underrated... this gem from 2005 has everything needed and more in a contemporary drum and bass track.

38 On & On - Cartoon
39 Feel the Love - Rudimental
40 The Day Is My Enemy - The Prodigy
41 Plasticworld - Pendulum
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