Keith Moon

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Keith John Moon was an English drummer for the rock band the Who. He was noted for his unique style and his eccentric, often self-destructive behaviour. His drumming continues to be praised by critics and musicians.


Keith should be at #1. I think people really don't know because he hasn't been with us for so long. I pretty much stopped listening to The Who after he was gone... not mourning or whatever, the music just wasn't GREAT anymore... just "okay". Keith Moon made it look easy! Check any footage you can find. He BECAME the drums! No effort at all, just FUN! To see and hear someone truly in their element, doing what they were "born" to do... it was a bloody marvel! I mean "awesome" in the sense of truly inspiring awe! The other drummers, good, great, or other could never do this.

I believe that Peart is the best rock drummer active at this time. But the best goes to Keith. Its hard for me to choose between Keith and Bonham. The reason I picked Keith over Bonham is that Keith came first. Also Keith could get the job done thriving about all over the place while Bonham was very strict about his drumming. Somehow Moon does it all appearing as if he never even had a lesson. His drums solos like Bonhams NO one else, not even Peart could come close to. Thanks for the memories Keith (and Bonham too).

Listen to the Overture from Tommy or Won't Get Fooled Again. Legend has it that a scientist friend of Roger Daltrey listened to a tape of Moon's drumming and said it was humanly impossible to drum as fast as Moon could. I'm not a drummer and certainly don't pretend to be an expert, but he's my favorite.

This guy is one of the best drummers ever. He is definitely the most underrated on this list though. And no way should lars ulrich be there. HE USED PRO TOOLS TO KEEP HIM ON BEAT FOR A LOT OF SONGS. When Keith Moon was alive they didn't have pro tools. That automatically eliminates lars from the top 100 drummers. - shallowcal

I lose faith in the world every day, Joey Jordison and Travis Barker ahead of Keith Moon? - PeterSteveBobGraemeBloke

Not heard a drummer come close to Keith live. Forget the studio recordings. Live he was a pure animal which left you gob smacked. Quite how he was able to do what he did on the drums is beyond human ability. I have not heard anyone come close to him since and I am John Bonham's number 1 fan...

At 4th place? Ugh. And Neil Peart is in 1st?!? Rush is so overrated! The members of the Who are downsized so often to Rush members it makes me sick. Some idiot had the audacity to call Geddy Lee the superior of John Entwistle! And now Neil Peart in front of Keith Moon. No matter how much better Rush might be as a band (and it isn't) the Who have better individual players all around. The only drummer better than Moon is Bonham, who is in 2nd place. Absolutely ridiculous. And Buddy Rich?!? COMPARED TO KEITH MOON?!?!? WHAT HAPPENED TO THIS COUNTRY?!?!?!

Second only to Danny Carey, the Loon was the best of the best & will no doubt continue to influence drummers for many generations to come. RIP Keith!

Even if you aren't a Who fan (if you ask me, I'm a die-hard Who fan), it's impossible to not like Keith Moon! Keith Moon was and will always be one of the best drummers of all time! He could play drums like no-one else, he deserves all of the credit he gets!

How can he not already be #1? best without doubt, just listen to almost ANY song by The Who, and you'll easily see why. He didn't have to even think about anything, and yet, he spun out the best drumlines EVER! - rush2ryme

Keith Moon is the BEST. He makes John Bonham look like a whimp. Just compare and you'll know that Keith could do something way more complicated than Led Zep's song Moby Dick.

There are many great drummers but what makes Keith so special is that he keeps up with everyone else and treats the drums as a leading instruments. Apart from him I don't think anyone has done that.

Well, In John Bonham's opinion, Moon is the greatest drummer to come out of England. Should be at #1. Before he succumbed to drugs and alcohol, Moon was easily the greatest drummer and most fun to watch in concert.

My personal favorite Who song is Pinball Wizard, but that doesn't show as much of his talent as Won't Get Fooled Again for example. Just an amazing drummer. Him and John Bonham died too early.

My favorite rock drummer. You can make arguments for a couple others, but Moon was an animal. I like drummers with passion and skill. This man had both in spades with a dash of anarchy. Great. - Kidkoffee

Keith Moon was such an amazing performer. He could make everything so exciting and pump the rhythm up. He was an original master of rock, (the original drummer daddy,) and he was know for placing explosives in his drum sets. The who was one of the first bands to start the insturment destruction, and Keith's style won't soon be forgotten.

Keith Moon was the greatest drummer on earth. His original style and take on drums changed the world musically forever, as well as making a statement. Keith's exploding drum bit was one of the many things that made the who...well the who! Although his life ended way to early, he still made a huge impact on the 60s and 70s.

The guys ahead of Moon on this list are laughable with the exception of Peart and Bonham. That's your top three in any order that should be accepted.

Unique, innovative and virtually brought the drums to the forefront of rock music! Influenced many other since! The legend is still the greatest!

He never stopped playing unless his drugs took the better of him. His face was always sweating and you could tell he was trying. He Rocks!

Keith moon is the greatest drummer of all time. Wont get fooled again proves my point from me saying there ain't no one better than Keith

Who the hell rated keith moon at 7th he is the best along with john bonham. Neil peart must be somewhere at 20 or 80

Seriously? Moon is currently #8? Keith Moon is #1, that is all. There's not a close second.

Not the best drummer technique-wise, but the greatest drummer to watch. And the only drummer for The Who. Kenny Jones proved that.

how is kieth moon not in the top ten... i meen he was the first person to play the drums crazy and out of control and he greats beats so he has to be number 1