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221 Jon Hiseman

Technically brilliant musically magnificent absolutely awesome

222 Scott Rockenfield
223 Ilan Rubin

Come on! He's the youngest drummer to ever play on stage! He plays with such passion! Plus he's got some pretty sweet hair!

224 Dylan Elise

A fresh young drummer from New Zealand who started drumming at the age of 6. Now 23 and displays awesome speed and technique along with stick handling that beats all drummers! Rated as the current worlds best by many.

I've seen Dylan several times by time it's all said & done he'll be top 25 for sure

225 Pete de Freitas
226 Aquiles Priester
227 Kieran Audsley

Diffidently a 10 top ten! He's only 13 and he's chops are extremely amazing! He's only been drumming for 2 years and he plays 24 hours a day, has the best general knowledge over the all of drumming I've seen from anyone! And any space time he has at all he's online researching!

228 Hal Blaine

Should be in the top ten. Probably played on most of the songs you attribute to other drummers.

229 Earl Palmer
230 Steve Jocz
231 Scott Asheton

Listen to the The Stooges songs and watch how loud he pounds those drums. - zam67

232 Topper Headon

Yay, Topper Headon, heartbeat for The Clash! He was just right drummer for the said Clash; no other would do, in my view

233 Benny Greb V 4 Comments
234 John Keeble

The king himself, the drummer of Spandau ballet

235 Gregg Bissonette

Super talented drummer. He is versatile, and admired by many other drummers. A definite drummer's drummer.

He deserves a shout out after having done so much for Dave Lee Roth and The Electric Light Orchestra

236 Dale Crover

So underrated, should be a lot higher

237 Aric Improta

Dude why is he not in this list, he is among the most awesome drummers in this world, and what an incredible drummer he is he literally flies while drumming it gives me goosebumps undoubtedly one of the best drummers in this world and more than that he is the craziest drummer ever in this world, if you search for craziest drum solo on YouTube you will get the first of the videos of him as a drum off-2012 finalist hats off and bow to his drumming... !

238 Sean Kinney

An awesome drummer! He gives Alice In Chains' songs a great pulse.

239 Ashton Irwin Ashton Irwin

How the hell is Ash almost 300? NEEDS MORE VOTES

V 1 Comment
240 Clive Burr Clive Burr

One of the greatest drummer of all time is 290?! People, what's wrong with you?

Why would he be so low? - Feirceraven

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