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281 Marky Ramone
282 Richie Ramone
283 Akira Jimbo

He's not the best. But I want him in the top 10.

284 Carlton Barrett
285 Paul Kodish
286 Fredrik Andersson
287 Jón Geir Jóhannsson
288 Robert Sweet

Robert Sweet has an amazing god given talent. His drum set has 20 drums 20 symbols and a million stripes. His drum solos are amazing. When his drums spin around while he plays is amazing, the only other drummer that can do something like that that II know of would be Tommy Lee. I don't know why he is not on this list, if its because he is in a Christian heavy metal band or what but he is one amazing drummer.

If there's such a thing as, say, the Alex Van Halen of Christian rock drumming, Robert Sweet fits the bill. I say, RS all the way

289 Kerim Lechner
290 Senri Kawaguchi

The greatest female drummer of all time, at age 16.

291 Kieran Audsley
292 Roy Mayorga
293 Razzle

Hanoi Rocks drummer #1

294 Guy Nadon

From Montréal, a phenomenom. Victim of his non scenic image. He once, and that's true, made Buddy Rich jealous (ask Vic Vogel).

295 Abe Laboriel

Abe is super, very creative, and a great interpreter of McCartney's and The Beatle's catalog. And he can sing too... he's been with Macca longer than any other drummer, even the great Joe English... and that is a testament in and of itself how great he is... for if he wasn't, Macca would've ditched him years ago. And for those of you who don't know, Paul McCartney is the single most successfull entertainer of all time, with a net worth of close to, if not more than 1 Billion Dollars. So, it is no wonder thaat he has the most exacting taste in the industry, when it comes to working with othe music professionals.

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296 David Mackintosh
297 Pierre van der Linden

I think this man is simply the most underrated drummer ever. Period.

298 Clyde Stubblefield

Maybe the best drummer ever. So influential, and so underrated on this list.

Should be in top ten. I can't believe he's so underrated.

Only the original FUNKY DRUMMER-without whom public enemy and NWA would have no samples and James Motherfu%$in' Brown would have no drummer.

299 Ronnie Verrell

What the heck, SERIOUSLY! I had to add Ronnie the the list. THat makes me mad. guess who animal from the muppets is drummed by, RONNIE VERRELL! He won against Buddy Rich in a drum battle. easily the most underrated drummer on earth!

300 Barrie Barlow

Jethro Tull found its perfect drummer, who also played with Robert Plant on his solo works as well. Kudos to Double B

Listen to Jethro Tull--A Passion Play and tell me he isn't the greatest unknown name in drumming.

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