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281 Rikki Rockett

His name fits as he can pound the skins for Poison to a tee

282 Darren Cesca
283 Lech

This guy's blast beats are so fast that sometimes you have to wonder if it's a drum machine put on 500 bpm. He manages to keep a perfect beat and play the fastest solid double bass I've ever heard. Some people can't even keep up with him with a triple bass. I don't see how this guy isn't number 1.

284 Blake Richardson
285 Brett Powell
286 Michael Justian
287 Tim Yeung
288 Gary Husband

Gary is great--anyone Holdsworth chooses to work with should be ranked much much higher than this!

289 Travis Smith
290 Ikmal Tobing
291 Karl Brazil
292 Pete Cater
293 Steve White
294 Eddie Fisher
295 Aki Hakala
296 Zbigniew Robert Prominski
297 Lori Peters
298 Munetaka Higuchi
299 Ryan Seaman
300 Tommy Ardolino

Perhaps one of the most under rated and unkowns of great drumming. Tommy Ardolino was the drummer for NRBQ, who's nearly 40 year career of playing college campuses and small venues through out the U.S. was literally a best kept secret, except to all those die hard fans out there. I hade the pleasure of not only seeing and enjoying the band numerous times, but also getting to meet and tal with him a bit after one of their shows at The Turning Point in Piermont NY. Tom was a very unique drummer, maybe the most so, in that he deliberately, but perfectly, played behind the beat, but with such accuracy, that only a trained ear could distinguish this. It gave the band a unique sound and feel that will never be replicated ever again, especially since Tom has recently passed away. A crying shame if you ask me. But while he was alive and playing with NRBQ, he gave us some of the most stunning drum performances ever experienced by an audience, and also contributed to the band's comedy act as ...more

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