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161 Philip Selway Philip Selway Philip James "Phil" Selway is an English musician, singer, and songwriter best known as the drummer of English rock group Radiohead.

He's just an incredibly underrated drummer, who deserves a spot for his immensely technical drumming, which has helped to define Radiohead's sound. Listen to Pyramid Song, 2+2=5, or Little By Little to understand why he belongs here.

Radiohead is amazing - havocmaker096

162 Cesar Zuiderwijk

Everything looks easy with this guy. Listen to Radar Love. Great drumming. Good fat beat.

Phenomenal drummers of the Golden Earring!

163 Ed Shaughnessy

The Tonight Show drummer. Loved the sideburns as well as the drumming.

164 Michael Giles

21sr Century Schizoid Man and The Court of The Crimson King really show case how talented he is. The list seems like a popularity contest. Much better than Nick Mason and somehow Nick is extremely high.

Clearly nobody here has ever listened to 21st Century Schizoid Man...

165 Lenny White

Lenny the funkified ambidextrous drummer stylist. My greatest drummer... He drove the greatest supergroup in the world of Jazz RTF. Chick chose Lenny to compliment what he was doing and a monstergrew... Always placing music first... A powerful metronome in four zones with God controlling the puppet. Cue him up. I am already a believer.

166 Narada Michael Walden

Yay, Narada! He is also one killer composer as well

His drumming was so far ahead of it's time, he should have been considered an extraterrestrial... Light years ahead of eveyone else, except maybe for Cobham... but they were both branches off the same tree... listen to The Mahavishnu Orchestra to see how both these men were just off the cuff!

167 Jim Keltner

ABSOLUTELY one of the best ever period!

Jim Keltner, having played for Gary Wright, Steely Dan, The Traveling Wilburys, George Harrison, etc., he deserves to be on the Mount Olympus of drummers

I'm not sure why Keltner is so far down on this list, especially with so many little heard og, or downright unkown drummers on this list... This Man's accomplishments speak for themselves. He's done it all... Both studio and live playing. And I've seen him play live and he is nothing short of amazing. His time keeping is impecable, but he has real feel. He should be at least in the top 20 in my book anyday of the week. He is an integral part of music history and should be revered as such accordingly...

168 Levon Helm Levon Helm Mark Lavon "Levon" Helm was an American rock 'n' roller, Americana musician, and actor who achieved fame as the drummer and regular lead vocalist for The Band.

He could sing and drum at the same time. A legend.

Levon Helm, in my mind, was and always will be, The KING of groove and feel, as well as an amazing singer... having worked several of his shows as a stagehand before he died, I have first hand experience of this kind, gentle soul's ability and depth as THE consumate entertainer... I also believe that I have the last set of sticks he ever used in a live performance, as he gave them to me as a gift at his last show held at The Tarrytown Music Hall, in Tarrytown NY. He will be missed...

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169 Aynsley Dunbar

Good, Solid Rock Drummer... loved him in Starship 1979 - 1981... But greatest, not so sure about that...

Zappa to Journey, from blues to rock to pop, Aynsley should be higher.

170 Carter Beauford

Hello!... Top 5 at least!... Probably top 3!... Time to get with the times people. Take the time to actually listen and watch this natural.

What I don't know how to compare him to Peart or Bonham stylistically but watching him play live is incredible. He is easily a top 5 drummer on this list.

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171 Mick Tucker

Not that well known worldwide, but probably the best drummer that ever lived

I think he was one of the best drummers in the world

The best in the world.

He was so underestimate x

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172 Andy Kubiszewski

just listen to march of the pigs

173 Derek Roddy
174 Raymond Herrera Raymond Herrera
175 Yasunori Sakurazawa
176 Max Weinberg

Holds E Street together through all of Bruce's antics.

Max to the Max, he is just as intergral to The Boss just as Steve Van Zandt and the late Clarence Clemmons were

177 Dave Abbruzzese

Truly electrified Pearl Jam's concerts and brought an energy not heard of in the studio versions

Truly amazing definitely one of the best drummers ever, the best in my eyes. the use of the snare and symbols is electrifying, Pearl Jam should never have fired him.

178 Stephen Morris

Agreed. No Love Lost one of my favorites and all about the drum energy. Many other tracks showcase his unique style. Not top ten, but definitely "honorable mention" material. - Kidkoffee

Drumming on age of consent is quite good

Unique on Technique.

Stephen Morris for the win, when it comes to his expertise with
The Joy Division and New Order, for which he was born to be a member of

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179 John Keeble

The king himself, the drummer of Spandau ballet

Should be top 5

180 Ashton Irwin Ashton Irwin

How the hell is Ash almost 300? NEEDS MORE VOTES

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