Shannon Leto

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Shannon Leto is an American musician and songwriter best known as the drummer of rock band Thirty Seconds to Mars.


Shanimal is just Shanimal! He is a beast when he drum! For me, he is the best drummer ever all over the world! When I hear drums I automatically I think "Hey, this song would be better if would be Shannon the drummer"! When I see drums or a drummer I think "Oh Shannon! " He is the greatest drummer ever! He can pass his feelings to the audience! When I hear him drumming I feel like in heaven. I'm in Ecstasy! You can't find better drummer than Shannon!

I could sit here and tell you how amazing he is or how with his drumming the songs come to life or how he is still as amazing live as recorded or that the amount of passion and effort he puts in to every drum beat is outstanding or that he is one of the most inspirational guys I know of but I'm not going to. I'll let you listen to 30 seconds to mars and figure this all out for yourself and once you have done that, you will realise how he is the greatest drummer.

Shanimal-the name says it all.. Shannon Leto is an animal with drums, he belongs there! When you listen to him, banging those drums like there is nothing else in the world.. Only he and his drums, you can feel his passion. Shannon Leto is incredible.

You can't help yourself at least I can't, when he starts drumming you just want to jump and touch the sky. Part of the reason why I am an Echelon is because of the song called Echelon just listening to the drum beats in the beginning takes you to a whole other place. Its inspiring.

Shannon is a passionate drummer. You can see that in the way he drums and you can hear that in the sound of the songs. He's been doing this for so long and he just enjoys it, what makes it even nicer to watch and to listen to. He's just an amazing drummer. He's the Shanimal

If you've ever watched Shannon Leto play, you know why he should be number one on any list. He doesn't just know music, he understands it and he feels it. He becomes a part of the song, using his kit to improve every second of it. He refuses to just play the same thing every night, changing and evolving the songs when he was on tour with 30 Seconds to Mars. If that wasn't enough, his crazy skill and talent has brought him to improv drum parts to club music and doing gigs with his friend Antoine. Anyone can play with enough practice, but Shannon Leto understands music in a way that not many people on this planet ever will.

The energy which he puts into drumming.. Its incredible. He really doesn just "play the drums", he does live and he does breath the drums. Doesn't matter if he plays with 30 Seconds to Mars or with Antoine Becks, he always puts everything in it and he always ends up all sweaty which is kinda disgusting but.. At least we can see he really means and loves what he does

Shannon has begun to play the drum by Beating on pots and pans with wooden spoons. Then, he played on a snare. He wanted to be photographer but he listened to his heart and went to that band created by his brother and him. Leto gave all his heart to give us the beat of his feeling playing those songs. People just don't know about his life. He has never give up his dreams looking for the best in the futur. There are many songs that I could suggest. You know, when you're at the show and you look at Shannon when he's playing, he has fun, you can see the passion, he gives all his life to play. His drums set with Dj'Becks are awesome. That his way to live and his life is lived as it is and he wouldn't want to live differently. To be on the stage with a drums is Shannon Chris. Leto. That's all I had to say.

This man goes beyond drums, never seen drumming taken to this level. He's experimental, exciting, exploratory and I'm positive he has at least 8 extra arms... I've never seen anyone handle a kit the way he does, with ease and extroadinary knowledge, but also seemingly wanting to learn more and take it to a whole undiscovered world... When you listen you don't just feel a beat, it tells a story, he's not just the back up, his the heart, it's so beyond anything generic, it's just this guy with his drums, stuck to him like arms or legs, just another part of him... Truly amazing to watch and witness, a feast for the ears... Shannon leto deserves this on so many levels it would be crazy for you not to see for yourself

Crazy drum roll
I love it
especially on song The Kill, From Yesterday
So energetic
You should hear it before vote
And... I think he is better than the Rev
You all giving sympathetic vote
i know it

Well.. He's amazing, Shannon's drum playing ability is out of this world, I can listen to live sessions and not get bored, unlike other drum sessions. His drumming increases my heart rate, he is out of this world.. Love a bit of Shanimal.. Any time!

He's a beast to watch live. My nephew, also a drummer in a band was extremely impressed watching Shannon play. Although his hero is John Bonham he was really amazed at Shannon's creativity and passion behind the drums. Any fan of 30 Seconds to Mars knows that Shannon is the heartbeat of the band, he's relentless and puts everything he has into a show every time. To the Echelon he is simply our Hero. He makes your trousers wobble!

When he drums, we feel the energy and the passion in him. I can't say a lot about him because my English is VERY BAD but I can say he's my idol. Like someone said before, listen to This is war!

Greatest drummer ever! He's so energetic and full of passion! I just love the way he does it. When you've been to a concert you'll know what I mean. Especially on the song closer to the edge, it's just fantastic

I am hypnotized when watching shannon drum when escape starts my heart begins to beat in time with his drums I have been to many gigs but no ones drumming enthralls me the way his does.

He's just the best, He's like the beating of our hearts! I've heard a lot drummers playing but when he plays something there's always that little feeling of pleasure inside of me! I love him!

Shannon's drum play are like my own heartbeat... It's so amazing how he plays... Eyes closed and arms just hitting and hitting the drums.. You can see that is pure passion...

He is THE BEST. Why? I could start putting down all those tiny little things I've learnt about how incredibly talented he is, what he is capable of on stage and that he's such a nice person by the way - but you know what? In the end, words would fail me anyway. Echelon, you know exactly what I'm talking about. Those people who don't - all you have to do is going to a 30 Seconds to Mars show and you'll understand.

I love 30 Seconds To Mars, so naturally I would vote for Shannon. But whenever I hear Shannon drumming my heart skips a beat. I can block out any other sounds and just listen to Shannon drumming away. He is full of so much passion and energy about what he does. I am in heaven whenever I see Shannon Leto or hear him preform. The best way describe Shannon and his skill is Mind blowing.

It's like everybody have the same heartbeat when he let's his passion take the control of the drum.
He's the best drummer I saw in live yet.

He is the god of the drums and when he starts everyone is jumping and touching the sky! I have seen him live and he was even better than on 'This Is War' and that album is already a brilliant work of art and a certification of his talent!
Nobody can deny that he is playing with his heart and soul and deserves to be the 'Number One' more than anyone else who is listed!
Thumbs and toes up for Shannon Leto!

Shannon is an awesome drummer he was my inspiration to play drums before I moved to guitar. He is passionate about what he does and he puts on a brilliant show

Not only is he the heart beat of the band, but the heartbeat of every song. He takes you to another realm when you hear him or see him play.

He is awesome. He is like an animal behind those drums. Banging them like a mad man. That's why we call him Shanimal! So vote

Shannon attacks the drums every time he plays. He puts his heart and soul into his playing, which is obvious if you have ever watched him play. He is an animal! He plays with such ferocity, it's impossible to not get caught up in the moment and want to jump right in and play with him. He deserves to be voted the greatest drummer of all time!