Best Drunken Peasants Villains


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1 Brett Keane

No situation is more individual than this one - mtndewlord

2 G Man

OW OW OW OW OW OW UH OW OWNED - mtndewlord

OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OW OWNED - mtndewlord

3 Josh Feuerstein

He's got that Red One quality - mtndewlord

4 The Vigilant Christian

Would accuse this list of being Illuminati - mtndewlord

5 The Beast

He's THE BEAST, must I say more? - mtndewlord

6 Anita Sarkeesian
7 Wild Bill for America

The most "silent" villain, he's never replied to them - mtndewlord

8 Stefan Molyneux
9 Caiden Cowger
10 Tommy Sotomayor

This guy just hates everyone, makes video in his car - dimentioditto

And then he gets into a car accident (big surprise), and blames the other person, despite the video (that he took) being pretty clear who was to blame. Not to mention he stereotypes black women, and doesn't understand fair use. - mtndewlord

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The Contenders

11 Devon Tracey
12 Joe Jones
13 Bubba
14 Onision
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