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1 New Rules New Rules Cover Art

I hate that song! Overrated and overplayed

It's not outdated or overplayed.

ITS ONE OF THE BEST SONGS IN THE WORLD YOU FOOLISH PERSON! Saying that it is overrated and overplayed is a CRIME!

2 Be the One Be the One Cover Art

When I first heard the song, I thought that it was an old song performed by a seasoned artist. Then, I discovered Dua. What a classic voice and amazing musical style!

Why is this not at number one on this list?

Modern classic.

3 Don’t Start Now Don’t Start Now Cover Art

I honestly didn't care for Dua Lipa at first when she broke into the pop music scene with New Rules. That song was overplayed on the American radio during 2018! I always thought her music started out as very poppy just like Bruno Mars. But when I first listened to Don't Start Now on the radio it was awesome! This song is a bop! I'm glad Dua Lipa headed toward a new musical direction. It has a nice groovy disco production and Dua sings very well and knocks it out of the park. And best of all it was a successful hit but it only peaked at #2 behind a great song made by The Weeknd. Despite that, Don't Start Now is a great song and is highly recommended to any music fan alike. Her recent album is great too!

4 Last Dance Last Dance Cover Art

You're the only thing I know and I don't want to let this go, I can't stop singing it. I love it.

5 Hotter Than Hell Hotter Than Hell Cover Art

Such a good song! It's actually better than New Rules,which is way too overrated!

She's hotter than hell this was world class pure in controlled singing WOW ()
Top Chart Rating 4/5 For me a little something missing that doesn't take away the pure fandom though a little 1 for me

6 Break My Heart Break My Heart Cover Art

This song is awesome! Just like Don't Start Now, it has a very groovy disco production and Dua Lipa just knocks it out of the park. It also interpolates Need You Tonight by INXS. I honestly thought it was better than Don't Start Now but this and Break My Heart are very good songs. Too bad Physical didn't become a hit in the states. Aside from that I give her a big thumbs up!

I like this song. -Silverfall


This is such a good song. The only part that isn't my favorite is the cuss word. But it's still my favorite song

This is her best song and I don"t give a BEEP about who says otherwise!

This has to be in the top 5!

I’m too busy for your business, go find a girl who wants to listen.

8 Physical Physical Cover Art

Love Physical! One of the best! Should be top 5!

80's nostalogic music running through your veins

9 Levitating Levitating Cover Art

I never heard a song like this before. I think dua lipa is very funky and brings back the old times.

10 One Kiss One Kiss Cover Art

Time to get this to the Top 10!

Hypnotic beat!

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? We're Good We're Good Cover Art

New song on new album...needs to be on her top 10

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11 Blow Your Mind (Mwah!) Blow Your Mind (Mwah!) Cover Art

I love when dua lipa has the high voice.

Her raspy voice is cool in this song

Might be my favorite Dua Lipa song

Aaahh I love this song so much it makes me happy

12 Lost in Your Light (Feat. Miguel) Lost in Your Light (Feat. Miguel) Cover Art

Love this song. It is so rich, upbeat and exciting. Miguel also provides some nice vocals.

13 Want To Want To Cover Art
14 Scared to Be Lonely Scared to Be Lonely Cover Art
15 Cool Cool Cover Art
16 Love Again Love Again Cover Art
17 Genesis Genesis Cover Art

Dua has brought out so many good songs, but Genesis has to be my favourite.

I love it, whenever I listen to this song feel a man is singing😂

18 No Lie No Lie Cover Art

I dislike this. Sorry.

19 Electricity Electricity Cover Art

Il'l come back in a months time and this will be in the top 5.

20 Good in Bed Good in Bed Cover Art
21 Room for 2 Room for 2 Cover Art

Love this song. Amazing.

22 Dreams Dreams Cover Art
23 No Goodbyes No Goodbyes Cover Art

I think this song really speaks to me. IT'S THE BEST SONG EVER OTHER THAN ELECTRICITY, BY DUA!

24 Bad Together Bad Together Cover Art
25 Hallucinate Hallucinate Cover Art
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