Best Dua Lipa Songs


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1 New Rules

ITS ONE OF THE BEST SONGS IN THE WORLD YOU FOOLISH PERSON! Saying that it is overrated and overplayed is a CRIME!

It's not outdated or overplayed.

I hate that song! Overrated and overplayed


2 Be the One

Why is this not at number one on this list?

Modern classic. - ZeroBlaster


This is her best song and I don"t give a BEEP about who says otherwise! - 23MACCAja

This is such a good song. The only part that isn't my favorite is the cuss word. But it's still my favorite song

This has to be in the top 5!

love this!

4 Blow Your Mind (Mwah!)

Might be my favorite Dua Lipa song

Her raspy voice is cool in this song - mood333

I love when dua lipa has the high voice.

I love this song

5 Hotter Than Hell

She's hotter than hell this was world class pure in controlled singing WOW ()
Top Chart Rating 4/5 For me a little something missing that doesn't take away the pure fandom though a little 1 for me

Such a good song! It's actually better than New Rules,which is way too overrated!

6 Last Dance

You're the only thing I know and I don't want to let this go, I can't stop singing it. I love it.

7 No Lie

I dislike this. Sorry.

F you

8 Lost in Your Light (Feat. Miguel)

Love this song. It is so rich, upbeat and exciting. Miguel also provides some nice vocals.

9 Scared to Be Lonely
10 One Kiss

Hypnotic beat!

Time to get this to the Top 10! - ZeroBlaster

The Contenders

11 Garden

This song is amazing.

12 Room for 2

Love this song. Amazing.

13 Electricity

Il'l come back in a months time and this will be in the top 5. - 23MACCAja

14 Don’t Start Now
15 Thinking 'Bout You
16 New Love
17 Begging
18 Genesis

Dua has brought out so many good songs, but Genesis has to be my favourite.

I love it, whenever I listen to this song feel a man is singing😂

19 Bad Together
20 Want To
21 No Goodbyes

I think this song really speaks to me. IT'S THE BEST SONG EVER OTHER THAN ELECTRICITY, BY DUA!

22 Swan Song

My reaction to Dua Lipa's new song and Grammy Awards
Eduardo: ARGH!
Bloo: What's wrong, Eddie?
Eduardo: Whilst I went into the laptop, I saw a new message popping up!
Wilt: A new message?
Coco: Cocococo?
Eduardo: In the new message, there's a British singer who won the GRAMMY awards today!
Bloo: (sighs) It's just Dua Lipa.
Coco: Cococococococococo.
Wilt: I listened to Swan Song too many times and it makes me feel sleepy.
Eduardo: (screams) I'M OUTTA HERE!
Bloo: Dua Lipa won the GRAMMY awards, eh? That's very new.
Madame Foster: Ooh, GRAMMY!

23 Running
24 Homesick
25 Dreams
26 For Julian
27 Between a Bullet and a Heartbreak
28 New York (Mend My Broken Heart)
29 Lions & Tigers & Bears
30 Voodoo
31 Golden Slumbers
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