Top 10 Dubious Relationship Milestones

There are some moment in a relationship that you'll remember forever; first kiss, first time saying "I love you", first vacation together, and so on. But there are some other common milestones you'll cross as your relationship matures that make you think "I've become my parents! ".

Not that they are all bad, but here are some things that happen in a relationship that you may not put in your diary.

The Top Ten

1 You unintentionally dress exactly alike and don't realize it until someone else points it out.

Really you two? Are you both wearing the same white cotton elastic underwear too?

2 You both come to the understanding that opening the car door for her is a waste of everyone's time.

Time is valuable. Who wants to have to wait for him to walk around the car every time you are getting ready to drive somewhere.

3 You stop worrying about hiding your farts.

Was that you? Yup. Are you ill? I thought I was, but I feel much better now.

4 You occasionally sleep on the couch not because you are in trouble, but because it is comfortable.

Look, I love you, but you have all the blankets, you're snoring, and I can still smell the onions we had with dinner. I'm going in the other room.

Cool, sleep well, see you in the morning.

5 You don't worry about their hot friend because, honestly, they're not in the same league.
6 You discuss the "Indecent Proposal" and agree you'd take the money.

Think of what we could do with a million dollars? Yeah, it would be awesome.

7 You go out for dinner and a movie and end up coming home after eating because you're both tired.

We have done this on more than one occasion. Sometimes when you know it isn't going to lead to anything romantic, it's not fun to sit in a movie theater with a full belly and a farting husband.

8 You openly take cash from each others wallets.
9 You help them create their celebrity five because you've learned their tastes.
10 You no longer feel compelled to watch crappy movies with them.

Oh, you rented the latest chick flick? Cool, hope you enjoy that. I'm going to be in the other room. Holler if you need anything.

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