Top Ten Dubstep Songs by Well Known DJs

There are always lists for top ten dubstep songs that have artists you have never heard of, that's why this list was made for artists that are very popular. It has that top ten dubstep songs by popular artists. From Skrillex to Knife Party they are all good.

The Top Ten

1 First of the Year (Equinox) - Skrillex

Of-course best song ever

Only two words for skrillex he ROCKS

I've listened to a lot of dubstep, but this one? Yo! Makes you go crazy! This song has a smooth rhythm to it and when dub step starts, it is so dangerous I should say. Best one!


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2 Scary Monsters and Nice Sprites - Skrillex

This song is a mixture of venturing within a magical forest and being chased by man eating monsters that's giving you both a comfortable feeling and then, a mad and loud bass that makes you wanna close your eyes and feel the moment. These two things mixed together creates one epic piece of art.

This song should be number 1, it could practically be considered one of Skrillex's BEST creations and that is saying something considering how his music is currently taking up half of the top ten board. Let's face it, Skrillex has changed what kind of music society listens to. I think it is safe to say that most people have heard at least one dubstep or EDM mix. Since the dawn of time, people have been absorbing this new type of music. A kind so great that no words were needed. Then Skrillex came along and became the string, the fine thread that bound all of these ideas and brought them to America and made most EDM artists who they are today aa

Why is this song not on the list? This song is way better then Bangarang and First of the Year. Vote for this song


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3 Bangarang - Skrillex

First dubstep song I ever heard in my hole life, it should be #1

First dubstep song. I love it

Simple and the best dubstep

best ever

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4 The Sweety Man - Ry Legit

TALK ABOUT A GOOD DROP! I LOVE Ry Legit dubstep because he really knows how to drop it hard! This song has one of the heaviest drops I've heard and it's funny too.

The only good dubstep song that is not by Skrillex.

Filthy skills on filthy disks RY LEGIT


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5 Kill Everybody - Skrillex

This song is the reason why I'm now listening Dubstep, from my point of view the best Dubstep song

I think it's Skrillex's best song next to "Try it out"

I think it us the best and I just can't sot lisnig to it


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6 Doomsday - Nero

This song is better than all of Skrillex.

There's a reason it keeps getting used in trailers. It rocks. No buts about it.

This was my jam a couple of years ago - OrangeCookie

Just Wow!

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7 Breakn' a Sweat - Skrillex

This song should be in the top 10 so please listen to it and vote for it.

How the hell is this song not in the top 5...
I can't stop dancing to it...

Combine this with "Right In" and it will blow you away


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8 Buzz Lightyear - Ry Legit
9 Fire Hive - Knife Party

Awesome, that's all I have to say

This is the best song I've ever heard! Knife party has done a good job!

The most amazing song I have ever heard! Should be top 5.

Awesome song, like legit, love it

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10 Radioactive (Blackburner Remix) - Imagine Dragons

Extreme song

The Contenders

11 Some Chords - deadmau5 V 2 Comments
12 Woody - Ry Legit
13 Dubstep Guns - Klaypex
14 Cinema (Skrillex Remix) - Benny Benassi

This song starts out with a heavy beat, and a nice vocal flow, but then... It's like WOW! Nobody expected that to happen! Skrillex dropped the bass so hard! It's not the best drop I've ever heard but with that song, it's just perfect.

In my top 5...(for a reason I cannot share)

It's like I'm being shot at lol

Lol I listen it, it's not that brutal, and I love brutal dubstep! well it still sounds like a gay love song sorry for it but haters gonna hate

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15 Requiem - Ry Legit
16 Rock 'n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) - Skrillex

I love this! Why is it not higher?

My favorite dubstep song! I love how it has two different bass drops.

First dubstep I ever listened to! Kudos to this song by skrillex

Supa dupa good sawngo yoo

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17 Bass Head - Bassnectar Ft. King Fantastic V 1 Comment
18 Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix) - Freestylers

This song should be at
top ten
And guys where is Flux Pavilion-i can't stop song, I'm saying this here because its one of the best in my life I heard so far and this song should be at 1 for its futuristic beats And I hope you guys when you all hear that song it will get top spot. please try that not for me for those who love dubstep

Come on people what about cracks the best one

I'd take this over skrillex any day. Awesome song.

Heck yeah this song brings back so many memories

19 Spitfire (Kill the Noise Remix) - Porter Robinson V 1 Comment
20 Mosh Pit - Tha New Team

Just one word for this song- AMAZING!

I always... Must... Listen to this track

Song dserves a lot more credit than it's given! Love it.

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