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21 Animals - Martin Garrix

This isn't even dub step why is it on the list?

It's just a newcomer. And kick it out of the Dubstep chart.

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22 Come Again (Original Mix) - Dodge and Fuski
23 Strobe - Deadmau5

This is a masterpiece, the best electronic song ever made

Strobe is an edm song.

Strobe isn't a dubstep song! - MrFahadKhan

24 Centipede - Knife Party

First song I heard from Knife Party and it got me hooked to them ever since. You think Skrillex is good? Nah, try Knife Party. And if you want a song with a killer bass drop, Centipede's the one for you

That Bass drop is the best ever

That Drop is killer

About time I find this song through all this skrillex junk, I like skrillex but this is way better

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25 Sierra Leone - Mt Eden Dubstep

When Skrillex heard this, he killed himself. True story.

This is better than all of Skrillex dubstep!

26 Right On Time - Skrillex
27 Coffee Break - Zeds Dead
28 Innocence - Nero

By far the best dubstep song... With a really sweet n emotional voice in the beginning followed by one of the filthiest, craziest dubstep drops ever made... This should at least be in the top 5. I don't think what skrillex makes is dubstep... But this is pure dubstep with brilliant beats... If you are a dubstep fan you will completely fall in love with this song

29 Spitfire - Porter Robinson
30 Crave You - Adventure Club

I am surprised nobody added this song.This is the best one guys...should be number 1

Every time I hear this track I FEEL LILE I M ON DRUGS even though I never do drugs

31 Kyoto - Skrillex

This song is sick you know?

It should be in top ten


sick drops

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32 Bonfire - Knife Party

People really need to hear this song. Its just too epic! Can't believe its that underrated. 37th is just bull. I'm very sure that this song is better than bass head or kill everybody (two great songs). this song should be at the top competing with other awesome songs like scary monsters and nice sprites and first of the year.

Amazing song best drop ever, can't stop listening to it haha... I like skrillex and nero but this is better than all their songs combine...

Man this song should be on the top..

33 Raise Your Weapon - Deadmau5 V 1 Comment
34 Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know (KDrew Remix)
35 Scatta - Skrillex

Awesome song with rap!

that BASS - Winterush

36 Make It Bun Dem - Skrillex

Amazing reggae mix with dubstep, one of the first herbstep I've heard and still one of my all time favorites, its definitely worth a listen

37 Nuke Em - Datsik V 1 Comment
38 Acid Wolfpack - Coyote Kisses
39 Sleep With One Eye Open (Tek-One) - Bring Me the Horizon

It is very good.. Wait for just 41 seconds... And then listen the heaven... please guys vote for this... This one is Better than Bangarang...

It's really nice song... Its way better than Bangarang...
This is worth listening... Wait for 45 seconsds after playing the song... And then.. You'll know what is this song...

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40 Hot Pursuit - Hawken & Kaynein
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