Top Ten Dubstep Songs by Well Known DJs

There are always lists for top ten dubstep songs that have artists you have never heard of, that's why this list was made for artists that are very popular. It has that top ten dubstep songs by popular artists. From Skrillex to Knife Party they are all good.

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41 Different Heaven & Eh!de - My Heart

This song is one of best I've heard (in my opinion)

This is pretty much the awesomest song

42 Guilt - Nero

This has to be in the top 10!

43 Nuclear - Zomboy

Absolute anthem for regae dubstep

44 Virtual Riot - Energy Drink

It is the best complextro/dubstep I have ever heard.

Pure awesome Complextro

45 Bullseye - Kdrew
46 The Beginning - Wonkap

Shooting beats:) a blend of what seems like hard trance build up but with some heavy dubstep in the middle.

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47 Dfx - D'vargas
48 Halloween - Ry Legit
49 Beat It (Mutrix Remix) - Michael Jackson
50 Organ Donor - Zomboy
51 Swagga - Excision & Datsik


52 Move Into the Light (Koven Remix) - Juventa Ft. Erica Curran

Its too F... Ing awesome. I can't even sleep without it

53 Unison - Porter Robinson
54 Red - Laid Blak
55 Days to Come - Seven Lions

This is better than all of the dubstep here. This is melodic dubstep

56 Circles - Kdrew

I was searching to vote up for this song. Surprised to see that the song was not on the list :/. Starts off with a very nice tune and that drop! ! This song would beat Scary Monsters and nice sprites in my opinion. I promise you won't regret listening to this song.

57 Sick Bubblegum - Skrillex
58 Flight - Tristam & Braken

Can't believe this wasn't on here!?

59 Luigi's Mansion - Pegboard Nerds
60 Knife Party - Destroy Them With Lazers

It's a really good song, it's lazers at the begining them WOMP bass

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