Dubstep Songs with the Most Terrifying Drops

These songs instill fear in the hearts of everyone who hears

The Top Ten

Xtrullor - Ego Death

Its Brutal

Among the most terrifying drops ever. - Rythmystic

Centipede - Knife Party Centipede - Knife Party Cover Art

its brutal

Doomsday - Nero Doomsday - Nero Cover Art
Red Blades - Beastkiller Red Blades - Beastkiller Cover Art
To the Stars - Modestep To the Stars - Modestep Cover Art
Try It Out - Skrillex Try It Out - Skrillex Cover Art
Xtrullor - Instant Reaction
DuoCore - Carnage
DuoCore - Dignity
Lchavasse - Lunar Abyss

The Contenders

Human Error - Droideka
The Werewolf - Figure The Werewolf - Figure Cover Art
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