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21 Killbot - Devin Martin
22 Animals - Martin Garrix

It's not Dubstep; I think it's electro house.

Excuse me is dis DUBSTEP or Trance?

23 Fire Hive - Knife Party

How is fire hive down here... It is supposed to be on the top 5! What the hell is wrong with the guy who created this list! It is way better than most osngs in the top 10! :D

It should be much higher!
Knife Party is way underrated.

I like Krewella remix... super dub :D


24 Call the Cops - Secret Panda Society

This is the best dubstep ever! I don't know what you other people are thinking

25 Revelations - DJ Babokon
26 Bonafide Hustler - Datsik
27 Try It Out - Skrillex & Alvin Risk

How is it not even in the top 20?! It should be no. 2 or 3! I can't believe it wasn't even on the list before I added it!

28 Rock n' Roll (Will Take You to the Mountain) - Skrillex

What the HELL is this?!? This is too awesome it sould be 1# not 14?!? You guys gotta know how to judge music so move up to 2-5th at least so then we can be happy that this is higher!

It is the best dubstep song, why it is so low, listen it and vote for it


29 Reckless - Minoru

Seriously, give this a listen. it's insane

30 Sierra Leone - Mt. Eden

This is the song that can get anyone into dubstep.

It's weird how back when I first got into dubstep before any of my friends listened to it, if you asked them about dubstep they'd say stuff like "oh yeah I'm not really into dubstep. " Then, over the next few years loads of them would come up to me and tell me how they were getting into dubstep a bit, but how it was only one song that they really liked. I'd say "Oh right, what's that then? " It was always this song. ALWAYS. And then, a month or so later, I could ask them again about dubstep and they'd tell me how they'd got more into it after hearing this.

Best part about it is, same thing happened to me too. Before I was into dubstep I remember listening to a few tracks and thinking, "eh. It's okay. Not my kind of thing though. " Then later I heard this song. Didn't know it was dubstep but for the title on the YouTube video. I liked it and so I thought I'd give the rest of dubstep another try. Suddenly it made more ...more - Leosco

This is the first ever Dubstep song I heard, first time I heard it was on a MW2 montage 2 years ago on YouTube and still think it his best in my opinion. Really hope Mt. Eden releases this officially.

This is the song that every person who never heard dubstep should listen to firt. This song introduce people to love dubstep because of the very good beat and it is pretty catchy.

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31 Skrillex - Bangarang (ft. Sirah)

Are you people retard? This is really shocking! This song should be there at top 10... Wonderful song! Awesome beat..!

Seriously?! You have First of the Year no. 1?! Bangarang is way better! It should be in the top five!

How is it not even in the top five?! It's the best Dubstep song ever!

Best song by skrillex

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32 Headbanga - Excision & Downlink

Excision is my favorite dubstep artist. Fun to listen to high. Try it sometime!

Awesm man... I love it

33 Spitfire - Porter Robinson
34 Rampage - Fall of Icarus
35 X Rated - Excision

This is just the most deep bass and cleverly thought out lyrics Excision should be higher, come on guys

36 Calypso - Datsik & Excision

Awesome mechanical sounding track that you can even beatbox to

37 Nightmare - Biometrix
38 Boom - Excision
39 Chase & Status - Hypest Hype (feat. Tempa T)

GREAT MIX of Dubstep Brilliance!
Great beat as well and really catchy.

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40 Centipide - Knife Party

I slipped of my chair when I first heard the drop.

It should definitely be higher.

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