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61 Havoc - Datsik
62 Doomsday - Nero

The sample sounds pretty dumb to me. - MrAlXtop10s

This is my favorite track of all tind, surprised it isn't higher

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63 Rusko - Get Down Low
64 Swagga - DatsiK and Excision

Best. Very powerful, super drop! Real dubstep, as it need to be. Why it is not n. 3?

Datsik and Excision certainly have their 'swagga' back!

65 Killin It - Krewella

I love krewella this song deserves to be way higher

66 Freestylers - Cracks (Flux Pavilion Remix)

One of my first Dubstep tracks I ever heard and have listened too it many of times over and over again and still never gets old. In my opinion its Flux Pavilion's best song with 'I can't Stop'.

This song is the sickest Melodic Dubstep song out there! FP Rules the dubstep scene internationally!

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67 Subscape - Screw Up
68 Taio Cruz feat. Kesha - Dirty Picture (Cookie Monsta Remix)
69 I Know the Truth - Pretty Lights

Pretty Lights, Musical hero.
I know the truth is one of my favorites, but nothing compared ACMOTS Pretty Lights.
True hero

70 Still Getting It - Foreign Beggars

This should be number one this mix is genius

71 Flashing Lights - Chase & Status
72 Eyes On Fire (Zeds Dead Remix) - Blue Foundation

Top three material without a doubt. The beat is seductive, the lyrics are fresh, and the song is just straight up AWESOME. You'd better vote for this track.

If I was to describe this beat I'd say it was seductive and mystic, definitely one of the best if not The Best! This is top five material, easy.

Gorgeous song, almost euphoric. Anything by Zeds Dead just makes you feel indescribable

Never heard the song, I just want Bullseye to by in 69th place

73 Finale - Madeon V 1 Comment
74 Sluggo & Bro Safari - Reckless
75 Trolley Snatcha - Pass Me By
76 In for the Kill (Skream Remix) - La Roux
77 Heartbreak (Bare Noize Remix) - M'Black

None compare to the beat and drop of this song! Like said in the comment below it's a eargasm 2x on a 1 to 10 scale! This song is a must have for dubsteppers around the world. You should slap yourself if this song isn't on your playlist!

Dirtiest drop I've heard in a while and made me have an eargasm. Laugh out loud

Bare noize does it again on delivering a sick drop that will make your ears want more immediatly after listening to this song! ;^)

78 Stay Awake - Example V 1 Comment
79 Earthquake - Labrinth
80 Skrillex Ft the Doors - Breakin a Sweat
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