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141 Follow Me (Prod. by Nero) - Muse

Best Dubstep Song Ever

142 MitiS- Born

One of the most underrated songs. Listen to it once... And you will get addicted!

143 Right In - Skrillex
144 2 Die 4 - Bare
145 Predator - Chrispy

Predator is great dubstep

The purest Dubstep song

146 Bring It Down - Emalkay

I am actually a little upset over the list. I thought I would try to show others a good track.

147 Nice Beaver - Dub Zero

More additions to the list.

148 Cutie Mark Crusaders - Alex S
149 King Kong - Bare and Datsik

EPIC! The bass drop is fantastic, the main lyrics are just "KING KONG IN THE TRUNK" but they sound fantastic. This song will not disappoint you. It also has a funny video

150 Maelstrom - Tut Tut Child
151 Garbage - NumberNin6
152 Execute - Excision
153 Dragon Pirates - Tut Tut Child
154 Fungus - 12th Planet
155 Acid Wolfpack - Coyote Kisses

Definitely one of the most creative bass drops out there and is not repetitive at all. deserve a great spot.

156 Monster Killer - TheEnigmaTNG
157 The 2nd Law: Unsustainable - Muse
158 Monster - Approaching Nirvana
159 Mount Olympus - Approaching Nirvana
160 Crowd Control - Excision and Downlink

I'm the same guy who added king kong. I just want you guys to know that half the songs at the top suck. The best dubstep songs are the lesser-known ones.

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