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141 Gizmo - Datsik
142 Apples - Datsik
143 Firepower - Datsik
144 Smells Like Teen Spirit Dubstep - Nirvana
145 Lights - Klaypex
146 V8 - Marty Party
147 Dragonborn - Headhunterz
148 The Clockmaker - Vexare

Laugh out loud this list is laughable. I have heard most of the songs on this list and this song is better than 90% of them. The fact that this song is not in the top ten is a dirty shame

149 Burst - 12th Planet, Skrillex & Kill the Noise
150 Derp - Deadmau5

This song is actually unreleased, but is still great. A lot different to deadmau5's usual EDM/House style. The wubs are awesome. All other opinions are invalid. - Dude5000

151 Love Goes Down - Doctor P

Sometimes, dubstep songs try to drop too hard, but this one does just enough without going overboard. What can I say? The drop is decent and the build-up is handled very well.

152 Daydreamer - Flux Pavillion feat. Example
153 Grimblee - ADHD
154 Upside Down - Bassnectar
155 Freakshow - Britney Spears
156 Red Heat - Skism

This track rocks... Beats r really good, with heavy bass
I just love this track by skism

157 Trotter - Thriftworks
158 Retro City - Adventure Club
159 Rude Boy Chrispy Mix - Rihanna
160 Follow Me (Prod. by Nero) - Muse

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