Best Dubtonic Kru Songs


The Top Ten

1 Drum & Bass Drum & Bass
2 Naah Give Up Naah Give Up
3 Jungle Fever Jungle Fever
4 Born Jamaican
5 Freedom Dub

¿what about this one? ---i think it needs to be a bit higher than onlhy number $5

6 Not Gonna Be Alone
7 Live Up/Mankind (Feat. Protoje)
8 Spirit of Light

This song is good

9 Sunshine Girl/Rub a Dub Love
10 World Crisis
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Top Remixes

1. Freedom Dub
2. Jungle Fever
3. Sunshine Girl/Rub a Dub Love
1. Drum & Bass
2. Naah Give Up
3. Jungle Fever


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