DuckTales Review - Season 1 Episodes 2 and 3: Daytrip of Doom and The Great Dime Chase (SPOILERS)

MegaSoulhero YOU GUYS!!!!! I am very excited because DuckTales recently aired two new episodes! Last month was the series premiere of the new DuckTales reboot, which I did a review of, and we had to wait an entire month for new episodes to air! And on Saturday (September 23rd), they aired two new episodes! So I’m gonna review both of them in one post. And remember, there will be spoilers.


First I will talk about episode 2. It starts out with the nephews having a Nerf gun battle with Webby in Scrooge’s mansion. Normally, an adult in the house would be angry by this and tell them to stop, but Scrooge doesn’t mind it since they’re kids. But the thing that does set him off is Donald washing his clothes in Scrooge’s bathtub. And his reaction to this is hilarious! And because of this, Scrooge calls a house meeting. Telling them that his stuff is off limits. And when he leaves, Mrs. Beakley shows her rules. Which is a lot more than what Scrooge has. Donald doesn’t agree to these rules and claims that he can take care of himself. By the way, I don’t think I talked that much about Beakley in my other review. I find her to be a very great character! She’s not an ordinary old lady like she was in the original show, she’s actually a lot more buff and pretty aggressive! Which is how Webby developed her skills. After the meeting, the nephews decide to go to a place called Funso’s Fun Zone. It’s kind of like Chuck E Cheese but without animatronics. But Chuck E Cheese retired its animatronics so yeah, it’s just like Chuck E Cheese! (Insert 5 Nights at Freddy’s Joke). The nephews decide to bring Webby along with them. Even though she’s not used to doing normal stuff outside in the real world. It’s been established that Webby doesn’t get out much due to her grandmother being overprotective. So seeing her get out and doing things she never gets to do is really great to see. They take the bus to the fun zone and Huey gives Webby a specific list of rules that she immediately breaks while on the bus. And apparently Roxanne is on the bus. Is this gonna be regular thing in which she makes a cameo in episodes? The kids get kicked off the bus and have to walk the rest of the way. And then we see a few certain characters whom you may recognize from the original show. The Beagle Boys! They’re a group of robbers who always try to sneak into Scrooge’s mansion.

They see the kids walking to the fun zone and the Beagle Boys sneak in by disguising themselves as Funso. While the kids are in the fun zone, Webby still has a little trouble trying to adapt to being there. Something that really made me laugh was the fact that there’s a Guitar Hero game in there! Sorry. I just love Guitar Hero. Later on, after Webby accidentally destroys the place with her grappling hook, they get kicked out. And this gives the Beagle Boys a chance to capture them and lock them in a meat locker. The kids are held for ransom and send a note to Scrooge. Then the Beagle Boys’ mother shows up and isn’t pleased with the fact that they captured Scrooge’s nephews since she doesn’t think their plan will work. Donald reads the note that the Beagle Boys sent and then we see a hilarious scene with Scrooge bathing in coins. That got a pretty big laugh out of me. And then Donald shows the note to Beakley. This leads to a very great team up between Donald and Beakley. Because throughout the episode, they were both arguing with each other and now they are setting that aside to save their children. So this is a pretty great scene. And I think the two of them work great together. Another great scene is when the nephews start to accept Webby’s weirdness. Because that’s just the kind of girl she is. So this is some pretty great development. They manage to capture the Beagle Boys’ mother which shows how great these kids are able to take care of themselves. Even Donald and Beakley were impressed by this.

Overall, this was a great episode! It gives us more character development from Webby as well as Beakley and it definitely delivers a ton of laughs! The Beagle Boys were pretty funny! Kind of like how they were in the original show! I really enjoyed this episode!

Score: 8/10


Now I will talk about episode 3. It starts out with Louie watching TV and being lazy. Scrooge gets sick of it and takes Louie to his office to show him what a hard day’s work is like. Meanwhile, Dewey wants to know more information about the mother of the nephews. If you remember at the end of episode 1, it was revealed that the nephews have a mother. That got me very excited! So I really like how this episode continues that story! Unfortunately, Webby says there are no records of their mother. So Webby and Dewey go along with Scrooge and Louie to Scrooge’s workplace so they could go in the library and find out more about her. Huey doesn’t appear in this episode by the way. The one working in the archives is Quackfaster. And I must say, she is pretty hot! Did I seriously just call a duck hot? Anyway, before she’s able to help them, she tells them they have to complete a trial. It was at this point that I really fell in love with this character! Now back to the Scrooge and Louie plot, they go to Scrooge’s office and there’s this one hilarious scene where Louie attempts to dive into the pile of coins in the vault but Scrooge stops him, telling him that it’s dangerous. It’s hilarious how the show actually acknowledges how dangerous it is to do that since you really can get injured that way! Scrooge even gives an explanation on how to do it! Anyway, while Scrooge is having a discussion with vultures, Gyro comes in with a sentient light bulb that can do a lot of things. The vultures are against it since his inventions usually turn out evil. And later on, Louie goes to get a drink from a vending machine but needs a dime. So he steals the dime that was on display which is later revealed to be the first dime Scrooge ever earned. I like how we even see a flashback of how he earned the dime instead of them not explaining why it’s so important. Louie tries to get the dime back, but the coins already got taken out and put into a room where a machine sucks them up. What are the odds of the guy emptying the coins from the vending machine moments after Louie used it? Still though, it moves the plot along. But I still thought it was a little to convenient.

Louie comes across Gyro and persuades him into letting him use Lil Bulb to unlock the door to the coin room and find the dime. But Lil Bulb has plans of his own. He takes over the machine and, of course, turns evil. Just like Gyro’s other inventions. While Bulb is controlling the machine, he becomes pretty intimidating. I actually started getting a little worried. Louie gets the dime back, but Bulb attempts to take it. And then the show actually does a Horton Hears a Who reference! You remember that scene where Horton loses the flower in a field of flowers that look exactly the same? Well Louie loses the dime in the pile of coins in the money vault. Except, Louie manages to find it rather quick, and Gyro was able to stop Bulb and take him out of the machine. And Louie puts the dime back where it was before Scrooge got back. Throughout the whole time Louie was attempting to get the dime back, I was on the edge of my chair. I was getting worried and was actually hoping Scrooge didn’t find out. So I was glad that he didn’t find out. But then it’s revealed that it wasn’t really Scrooge’s first dime. It was a decoy. Yeah, it’s one of those plot twists. But in a pretty touching moment, Scrooge let’s Louie keep the decoy dime. Which he immediately spends on soda. Lol. Now back to the Webby and Dewey subplot, after they almost got killed by Quackerfast, and yes, she tried to kill them, they find a book about Della Duck. But the pages are blank. Except for one. The one that has a code on it! And that code gets them into a secret room of things that involve the mother. Including a note that makes them wonder if Della betrayed Donald. This makes me even more interested in learning more about her.

Episode 3 I thought was still pretty enjoyable. Not as great as the first two episodes, but I still thought it was very funny and really made me like Louie as a character even more. It was also great seeing them continue the story of Della Duck being gone and what happened to her. I hope we get to learn more about that in future episodes. I’ll give this the same score I gave episode 2. Just because.

Score: 8/10


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