DuckTales Review - Season 1 Episode 5: Terror of the Terra-Firmians! (SPOILERS)

MegaSoulhero Sorry about that. I totally forgot about this. Well I didn’t necessarily forget. I was busy studying for a college test and doing some homework. But I’m finally doing the DuckTales review of episode 5! Disney XD is claiming this as episode 6 because they recently decided to make the first episode two separate episodes, but I’m still calling it episode 5 because that’s what it is! Now let’s get to it!

It starts out with the Huey, Dewey, Louie, Webby, Lena, and Beakley exiting a movie theater after seeing a horror movie about mole people. And yes, Lena is in this episode. Beakley gets mad at Lena because she told her that it was an educational film. This becomes kind of a thing in this episode. Beakley thinks Lena is a bad influence and doesn’t trust her. Well, she has a reason not to trust her. But it’s not something that she knows yet. Because at the end of the previous episode, it was revealed that Lena’s aunt is Magica. So it will be interesting to see what happens in a later episode. Huey and Louie start complaining that the movie didn’t have enough drama. You see? They are actually judging something after having seen it! Unlike a certain user on TheTopTens whose name starts with “P”! Anyway, Huey says that mole men don’t exist but Webby points out that the movie is based on an actual true novel. But because it’s not in Huey’s Junior Woodchuck Guidebook, it’s considered fake. So I guess Huey is the Dipper of this show. Well Webby is the Mabel of this show, so I guess it makes sense. Webby mentions something about these underground creatures known as “terra-firmians” which aren’t in the guidebook, but Lena suggests they go down to the subway to find out if they’re real. Oh, and Launchpad was at the movies with them too. And it leads to a very dumb cliché in which he thinks what he saw in the movie was real and spends most of the episode being paranoid. I’ve seen this happen a million times in other shows and I don’t really remember any of them being funny.

As Huey, Webby, and Lena are exploring through the tunnels, Webby shows Huey a notebook filled with drawings of terra-firmians and talks about their origins and what they are. Of course, Huey consults the guidebook again and calls bull crap on all of it. Wow! Huey really is Dipper! Also, I don’t why I find it funny seeing Lena use the flashlight on her phone while underground. I just find it hilarious for some reason knowing that a reboot of an 80’s cartoon is using modern technology. They find some evidence of firmians being down there by seeing claw marks. And then they go into a subway car where Lena does a little prank. Seriously. I love Lena! But unfortunately, Beakley and the rest of the gang find them and Beakley blames Lena because, once again, she doesn’t trust her. Oh and Launchpad thinks that the kids are mole people. This joke is still not very funny. The ground starts to shake which causes rocks to fall in front of a passageway, causing the characters to be trapped. And it’s believed to be terra-firmians. We even see their eyes. I like how it doesn’t actually show them just yet. It leaves us wondering if they actually are the firmians or something else. Beakley has Launchpad go into the control room to try to get the train movie and he brings Dewey along with him. Beakley goes to see if she could detach them from the cave-in and brings Lena along with her. While the others stay put and keep an eye out for firmians. While Beakley is trying to detach the train cars, Lena refuses to help and Beakley asks her who raised her. She doesn’t respond but we actually see her make a face to show that she feels guilty because we the audience know who she is related to but the other characters don’t.

We then see Launchpad and Dewey in the control room. While Launchpad is working on the controls, he gets suspicious of Dewey because he thinks he’s a mole monster. I still don’t find this joke to be funny. And it just goes on and on! Meanwhile, Huey, Louie, and Webby go on top of the train and come across what are possibly the firmians. But then they disappear. And then Beakley and Lena manage to detach the train cars with a crowbar that they found. Even though Beakley appreciates what Lena did, she’s still hasn’t fully gotten on her good side yet. Because it takes more than one good deed to prove to someone that you’re not so bad. After Launchpad turns on the lights in the train, we see the shadow of Magica, which causes Lena to worry. The train starts moving and the firmians start chasing after them in what is a pretty cool chase scene. But then Launchpad does what he does best. He crashes the train! Hahaha! The crash causes Beakley to get stuck under a train car, and then Magica tells Lena to leave her since she’s keeping her away from the others. And yes. We actually get to hear Magica speak in this episode! She’s voiced by Catherine Tate and she does an excellent job! Wait. We have David Tennant as Scrooge McDuck and Catherine Tate as Magica De Spell. Is this a Doctor Who reunion?

But in a very awesome scene, we see Lena using her amulet to lift the train car off of Beakley. This scene is absolutely amazing! While doing this, Lena trips and falls backwards and then quickly pulls Beakley out of the way before the train falls on her. Huey, Webby, and Louie are still inside one of the train cars and Huey refuses to get out of there even though they are about to be crushed. But in a pretty touching moment, Huey and Webby set aside their differences and Webby tells him to trust her. They manage to escape and everyone is okay. And then they finally come across the terra-firmians, face to face. In the dark, they look like they are evil, but when the come into the light, they are.... HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!! (takes deep breath) HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! Anyway, Huey finally believes they are real, he and one of firmians have an E.T. moment for the sake of having an E.T. moment, and then the firmians make help them to get out. Magica wonders why Lena saved Beakley since she is getting in the way of their plans. But when Beakley allows her to come to the mansion with them as a thank you for saving her life, Lena claims that she wants to gain their trust even further. It’s unclear if she actually still wants to go through with Magica’s plan or if she actually cares about her friends. We’ll most likely find out eventually.

This episode isn’t as good as the first four episodes, but I still enjoyed it. It’s nice to see Lena and Beakley interacting and having more of a love/hate relationship, seeing Webby standing up for what she believes in is always entertaining, and of course Magica is great as well! But the joke involving Launchpad being scared of mole monsters isn’t very funny and drags on for way too long and I’m gonna be honest, Huey can be kind of unlikeable at times. But overall, this was still an enjoyable episode. I look forward to seeing more.

Score: 7/10


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