Best Duke Men's Basketball Players


The Top Ten

1 Christian Laettner

With Laettner, Duke went 21-2 in the NCAA tournament an won 2 titles. The greatest winner ever.

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2 Shane Battier

This list is an absolute disaster. There were so many great players that have come and gone from the Coach K era. I like Chris Duhon, but he's not even in the Top 10 best players from the Coach K era...maybe not even the Top 20. Corey Magette stayed all of one year, as did Brand and Luol how could you even entertain the idea of having them anywhere on this list?

It's impossible to name one specific top player, so I'll give a group: Johnny Dawkins, Danny Ferry, Christian Laettner, Grant Hill, Bobby Hurley, Shane Battier, Jason Williams, and J.J. Redick. Johnny Dawkins, who didn't make the list, could be the best among everyone here. He was the first big star of the Coach K era, and was capable of putting up a lot of points. And he played three of his four years at Duke without the three point shot. - jfausti

3 Grant Hill
4 J.J. Redick J.J. Redick
5 Bobby Hurley
6 Chris Duhon
7 Luol Deng
8 Jon Scheyer
9 Kyle Singler
10 Corey Maggette

His entire NBA career he was underrated. It was sad he played on such bad teams because he was a great player. Possibly the best NBA player of all time without an All-Star appearance.

The Contenders

11 Carlos Boozer
12 Elton Brand
13 Justise Winslow
14 Tyus Jones
15 Shelden Williams
16 Mike Dunleavy
17 Kyrie Irving Kyrie Irving Kyrie Andrew Irving is an American professional basketball player for the Cleveland Cavaliers of the National Basketball Association.

Probably the best pro on the list... maybe even ahead of Grant Hill.

18 Jahlil Okafor V 1 Comment
19 Quinn Cook
20 Trajan Langdon
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