Top 10 Dumb Decisions Made by Disney Characters


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21 Moana Not Trusting Her Own Dad - Moana

But she wouldn't be able to save her village if she didn't go beyond the reef to find Maui and fight tamatoa - Phillip873

Moana could have listened to her dad and would have not gotten hurt the first time she went beyond the reef.The grandma was also right because it was OK to break the law only to save your that WAS a good choice to save her endangered town.

22 Rey Trusting BB-8 - Star Wars: The Force Awakens

Hey he turned out to be a good guy! - Extractinator04

23 The Prince Refuses to Shelter the Enchantress - Beauty and the Beast

I am sure his castle was big enough for a enchantress, but then again we was supposed to be a jerk before. - Lucretia

24 Mufasa Using Zazu as a Target for Simba's Pouncing Lesson - The Lion King
25 Scar Kills Mufasa - The Lion King
26 Aurora Touching the Spinning Wheel - Sleeping Beauty

Aurora's mom: Aurora don't stick your fingers in the socket

Aurora: *sticks her fingers in the socket*

Aurora's mom: Aurora don't eat the yellow snow

Aurora: *eats the yellow snow*

Aurora's mom: Aurora don't put your name in the Hunger Games raffle

Aurora's mom: Crap - TwilightKitsune

27 Mickey Doesn't Retreat to Get Goofy - Mickey, Donald, Goofy: The Three Musketeers
28 Mickey Brings the Broom to Life - Fantasia
29 Merida Turns Her Mother Into a Bear - Brave
30 Maurice Enters The Beast's Castle - Beauty and The Beast
31 Mufasa shuns Scar for not attending Simba's presentation - The Lion King
32 Pinocchio Trusts Gideon and Foulfellow - Pinocchio
33 Pinocchio Goes to Pleasure Island - Pinocchio
34 Cinderella Hums to Waltz Played At the Ball - Cinderella
35 Lady Tremaine Breaks the Glass Slipper - Cinderella
36 Hiro Turning Baymax Evil - Big Hero Six
37 Woody Trusting Lotso - Toy Story 3

Why did he trust Lotso? He was the villain! The only thing Woody accomplished was helping Lotso escape. The toys do eventually get saved but they could have avoided the garbage fire altogether. - Randomator

38 Tow Mater Making Lightning McQueen Lose the Race - Cars 2
39 Big Jet Becoming Friends with the Little Einsteins - Little Einsteins
40 Tiana Kisses Frog-Naveen - The Princess and The Frog

Her biggest mistake was not telling Naven that she wasn't a real princess in the first place she doesn't tell him this until later. - egnomac

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