Top 10 Dumb Excuses Your Parents Give You When You Catch Them Having Sex

The Top Ten

1 Mommy and I are wrestling naked

Yeah, just for the fun of it, sweetie! I'm sure you do it with your friends on sleepovers! - PositronWildhawk

2 We are playing the naked game

Naked naked baby, naked naked Naked - TheAwesomeDude54

3 I'm trying to push air out of daddy

But why you gotta do it naked? - TheAwesomeDude54

4 I'm trying to get something out of your mom
5 We like being naked together
6 Your mom's body is too sexy
7 I like your dad's body
8 We want to sleep naked tonight
9 We had a long day

WHYYY lol - Swiftdawn

10 We're sleeping

Lots of peole gets sex in bed.

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11 We're bored
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