Top 10 Dumb Family Feud Answers


The Top Ten

1 U-pine

Even under the pressure of the bright lights, this answer has no excuse. That may very well be the stupidest answer I've heard period. - Ned964

Name something that begins with the word pork. - BUETBU91

2 Nekkid Grandma

Name something a burglar doesn't want to see when he walks into a house. - BUETBU91

HILARIOUS! - stinkyjaden

3 Alligator

Name an animal with three letters in it? - BUETBU91

4 He's blind

What might a blind date forget to mention about himself? - BUETBU91

5 Pasta

Name something London is famous for. - BUETBU91

6 Plans His Funeral

If the girl plans her wedding, what does the guy do? - BUETBU91

7 Kentucky Fried Chicken

Tell me a man's name that starts with a letter K? - BUETBU91

8 Because it's raining

Name a reason you might stay indoors on a beautiful day. - BUETBU91

9 Orange

Name a yellow fruit - BUETBU91

10 Chipmunk

Name a noisy bird - BUETBU91

The Contenders

11 A Horse

Name something you buy that might turn out to be phony - LampSoup

12 Turkey Turkey
13 Being Poor

Name something that's better than being rich

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