Top Ten Dumb Habits to Develop


The Top Ten

1 Slap Yourself Whenever You See Your Image In the Mirror
2 Brush Your Teeth Whenever You Daydream for Five or More Minutes

Daydreaming is seeing a dream too! - Kiteretsunu

3 Say "Who the Hell Are You?" Whenever You Pick Up a Ringing Phone

My brother has done worse. He once answered the house phone when we got a call from an Indian call centre. He put on a fake accent, said he would not like a curry, and hung up. Awkward. - PositronWildhawk

Kiteret, you've done it again! But I didn't like the vomit item, no offense... This one was visibly risible! - HezarioSeth

4 Vomit On Seeing Your Own Pee
5 Eat With a Knife and Fork Whenever You Eat a Cookie
6 Always Say 'Happy Children's Day' On Every Valentine's Day
7 Always Leave Your Key Inside Your Car After You Lock It From Outside Without the Help of the Key
8 Break a Guitar Whenever You Hear Your Favorite Rock N Roll Song

Whenever I play a favourite trance track, I often tap my finger on the desk to the beat. It's not abnormal. - PositronWildhawk

Overexcitement can make us do these things too. - Kiteretsunu

9 Lick a Novel Book Whenever You Find It Interesting

Maybe Sister, I don't know? Haha! - Kiteretsunu

Haha! This is absurdly funny! - HezarioSeth

Hey, Kiteretsunu, have you been spying on me? Haha!
Brilliant list! - Britgirl

10 Always Say Your Dog's Name Whenever You Introduce Yourself

Don't forget to tell your name too! - Kiteretsunu

The Contenders

11 Jump Around While Singing

I Use to do it. Bad habit.

Laugh out loud, I do that whenever I hear a good rock song!
Great list Kiteretsunu - Sasukes_Princess

12 Smoking
13 Stand In the Mirror and Lipsync Your Favourite Song Whenever You Hear It

My sister does this - Sasukes_Princess

14 Bite Your Toenails Whenever You Want to Bite Your Fingernails

My cousin did this when she was trying to grow her fingernails now its become a habit for her - Sasukes_Princess

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