Top 10 Dumb Ideas for a Book

T.V. or book? Of course this list is mainly about dumb ideas for a book

The Top Ten

1 The No Pages Book

Honestly this sounds like the best book ever.

Added on my summer reading list - TwilightKitsune

This would be the worst book ever.

2 Book Book

It tells you everything about books. - Ihaskitty1234

3 The Water Book

This sounds like one of those massive non fiction books... This one is probably about the history of water and why it is good to drink. Still rather ridiculous though, as I don't know many that would want to know everything about water.

Or it is a book made entirely of water, which would be pretty cool. - RaineSage

Avatar The Last Airbender: Book One, Water - TwilightKitsune

Nooo my book is wet! - Danguy10

4 The Internet Book
5 How to Be a Troll Book

You can find all the tips online, and then troll the guy who made it. - PositronWildhawk

6 Nae Nae Book

I hate the nae nae dance move (I like the whip though) - HYDRAflash

7 A Book Called "How to Read"

I think it's to be read to people who don't know how to read read by people who do know how to read.

Ok that is funny - RockStarr

8 The Nothing
9 Turkey Book

You guys know who I'm talking about right? - Danguy10

You guys know who I'm referenceing to! - Danguy10

Turkeyasylum? Laugh out loud!

10 The Smell Book

Just like the cat's book in Red Dwarf. Cats rely on smells to recognise and receive information, so you have to smell the pages to understand the book. - PositronWildhawk

The Contenders

11 The You Just Wasted $5 Noob Book

Oh I just wasted $5... Wow - Danguy10

12 The Invisible Book
13 How to Twerk Book

I would buy it just for the images. - winner333

What's the point of wasting gods trees when you find on a Miley Cyrus video? - RockStarr

This is just a disturbing idea. - PizzaGuy

Watch. This will be a thing by 2016.

14 The Book of Gifs
15 The You Just Wasted Another $5 Noob Book

Now who'd be that dumb to waste $10 in total on two noob books?

Who reads books anymore? - KoolGuy2218

16 The Book Within a Book Within a Book Within a Book

I would read it. Sounds cool. - Merilille

17 Selfie Book
18 Chair Book
19 How to Waste Money
20 How to Start a Fire With a Book Book
21 The How to Breathe Book
22 The How to Destroy a Library Book
23 The Book History of Books
24 How to Open Things

Spongebob reference - Ilovestephanie

25 Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows PT 3
26 1001 Cool Ways to Take a Selfie


27 TheTopTens Book

This would be great

28 Flappy Pig Book
29 Farts Book
30 Pewdiepie Autobiography
31 How to Play the Drums Like Lars from Metallica Book
32 Justin Bieber's Diary

I would buy it to make fun of him lol

Ummm no one will buy this - RockStarr


Dear Diary: Today I peed in a mop bucket.
Dear Diary: Today I sprayed a picture of Bill Clinton and said a naughty word.

33 The Bible 2
34 Book Made Out of Toilet Paper So You Can Use It When You Need to Book
35 The Book of Socks
36 The History Book of Pencils
37 The You Just Wasted a Third $5 Noob Book
38 How to Kill Someone with a Book

Easiest way

39 A One Word Per Page Book
40 The Exciting Life of Kim Kardashian
41 The Book of People Who Don't Like to Read
42 Diary of Nicki Minaj
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