Top 10 Dumb Reasons to Hate Someone On the Top Tens


The Top Ten

1 Everyone Likes Them But You

That's very childish and selfish - flyguy824

2 They Follow Certain Users
3 They Like Anime

This is a very common reasons here for hating on someone. I don't really understand why though. That's no reason to hate someone. - NerdyPweeps

Anime-haters are slowly turning into anime-trolls. They are attacking our fandom for no reason. - Kiteretsunu

4 They Like Something You Don't

Just deal with it! - Userguy44

5 The Way They Vote
6 They're New

Every Top Ten User was new at one point so that's no reason to hate on certain users. - egnomac

I'm new so nobody sees my lists or anything I just wish I could be popular out here like grit girl and keyson - hriday

Please, please give the new users a chance! Love this list, egnomac. - Britgirl

7 Their Religious Faith

People shouldn't hate people for following certain religions. - egnomac

Let's all have religious tolerance. - Arcxia

8 They Like Certain Movies
9 They Like Certain Games

We all have different taste in things. - Arcxia

10 They Like Certain Music

Hating a person for liking a certain type of music you don't like is very irrelevant. - Arcxia

The Contenders

11 They stole your muffins
12 They Are Quiet

Nothing wrong with being quiet. - Arcxia

13 They Have a Bad User Name

Never judge a user by it's name.

14 They Have Opinions
15 They Hate Anime

The anime fans always think they are the right ones

I personally don't hate people for hating anime. - egnomac

16 They Made a Parody List
17 They are Giving You a Taste of Your Own Medicine When You Deserve It
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