Top Ten Dumb Reasons People Retire from TheTopTens


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21 Your favorite list got removed

Well your problem - Carri796

22 They died

This Is actually a very legitimate reason. - Cheese567

That's a good reason. - SapphireGrim

This can be legit. I really think at least 1 person has died on here. - FerrariDude64

They can't leave if they died they'd still be here just nothing happeneds - Carri796

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23 People they follow don't follow them back

Umm whatever - Carri796

24 You think it's getting boring

OK whatever - Carri796

25 They get cyber bullied by visitors or by other members

This is actually a perfectly legitimate reason to retire.

This one is actually a good reason to retire. - Skullkid755

I find this reasonable. - SamuiNeko

Ignore them - Carri796

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26 Their member score never improves and they blame Admin

There isn't anything to blame admin for it. Admin may follow some users and don't follow others. But in this case they are serious. You'll automatically get points if you work. - zxm

Why are you blaming someone for something they are not doing wrong? - EpicJake

Your problem - Carri796

Blame ALL the admins!

27 They have issues

OK I get it - Carri796

28 They only look at lists like this

Yeah I can see that - Carri796

29 Popular Toptenners don't follow them

Really *ashamed* man when did we became babies - Carri796

30 They think there's more to life

Yes I see that - Carri796

31 They are getting popular

Why should you quit - Carri796

The heck? - AlphaQ

32 One of their lists did not get approved

So - Carri796

33 They can't curse

That be there problem - Carri796

34 Few People like Danny Phantom

People gets LIFE - Carri796

Sorry A LIFE - Carri796

35 They got offended

Sure some lists are rude but the whole site ain't as bad as the Worst Religions list.

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1. PositronWildhawk didn't follow you
2. One of your lists got removed
3. Someone thumbs-downed your comment
1. They get criticized
2. You lost one of your followers
3. They hate a certain user
1. Someone thumbs-downed your comment
2. You lost one of your followers
3. One of your lists isn't popular

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