Top Ten Dumb Things to Say at Wrong Places and Situations

The Top Ten

1 (At the funeral) It's no use crying over spilled milk!

That is just plain mean. Who would say that? - LokiLover2000

2 (To your friend at the day of his wedding) I saw your bride wear diapers last night!
3 (You see a fat man in a hospital) So how is your baby doing in your womb!

You could get hurt

4 (At an underground rap concert to hardcore rap fans) Why are you guys listening to his rubbish talking?

This actually is not a dumb thing to say at all. If you have a view like this, then you have great taste in music. But given the place and the situation and the persons you're saying this thing to, this can cause a few broken bones at the worst to your body! - Kiteretsunu

5 (During Sex) Why are we naked?




YES. - MoldySock

6 (While everbody is in silent prayer with eyes closed at the church) Why is everybody sleeping?
7 (After having conversation for 2 hours with a total stranger in your house) Who are you?

Haha, thanks Kiteretsunu, this one almost done me in! How AWKWARD must this be? Haha. Ah dear... - Britgirl

8 (You catch your friend red handed stealing things from your house) Oh! These are the things I bought from the money I stole from your house!
9 (You and your mates are going to skydive when you see a fat woman standing beside you who's about to skydive) I don't think the parachute can bear your weight for long.

Oh, so cruel! The heck, you'll probably be thrown off the plane! - PositronWildhawk

10 (At the Zoo to the Zookeeper) Why do you keep your animals naked?

The Contenders

11 (Commenting to a TopTenner) Why Do You Hate Justin Bieber?

Why do you hate Justin Beiber? Just wonderin

12 (To an Asian Man) Why does Wong rhyme with Wrong?
13 (At a Airport.) We Have a Bomb in Our Bag
14 (At the mall!) I stole that dress

Seriously that is wrong the mall police you could get in trouble

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